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Pay TV

Tired of free to air TV and seeing the same old movies over and over again? Want to partake in conversations with your workmates about the new shows they are watching? Sick of ads? Can’t seem to keep the kids happy with the programs currently available on TV?

It might be time to set up a paid TV service. However, not all pay TV services are created equal.


In this post, we’ll help you discover which paid TV service could suit you best and we’ll make sure you get access to all your favourites and more.

There are different pay TV services you can explore. You can choose to subscribe to an App-based service, a pay TV service provider, or you can choose to bundle your broadband with your TV paid service.

Home pay TV options

Foxtel is the most established of the pack of home cable options. If you’re a sports fan, Foxtel is for you. Due to its longevity in the market, Foxtel has been able to create strong partnerships with programs and first rights to many sports finals, TV shows and movies. You’ll need either a dish on the roof or a cable to install it. And it’ll set you back from about $26 – $137 per month depending on the content of your package.

Fetch TV is a little different to Foxtel, no dishes or cables required, just an internet connection. Meaning it relies on this to perform. You’ll be able to access Netflix, YouTube, and free to air TV Apps on here, plus you can also rent movies on demand. Fetch TV is cheaper than Foxtel, coming in at $10 per month and up.

Streaming TV options

The benefit of streaming TV is that you can view on-demand, watch when you want, and where you want via associated App’s. There are also TV shows available exclusively on some of these Apps which are not available anywhere else. Plus, you don’t have to endure annoying advertising! These options include Netflix, Stan, Presto and others. Read more about live streaming TV Apps here.

4K content

Wondering about 4K content? Newly introduced, super high definition TV’s are showing 4K content now. You’ll find shows available on Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, and YouTube. This one is building in popularity, so stay tuned for more information.

Broadband and TV options

You can have your broadband plan include a paid TV service as well. This includes Optus and iPrimus which use Fetch TV packages, and Telstra offering its own Telstra T Box to customers. Telstra TV allows live streaming of shows and movies plus all the TV Apps you have heard of. Foxel Broadband offers Foxtel pay TV also.

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How do I know which paid TV option is right for me?

The trick is to find an option that will be affordable for your budget and contains the shows you most like to watch.

Things to watch out for when choosing a paid TV options include:

  1. Does it suit your budget?
  2. What TV shows are available?
  3. What types of movies are available?
  4. Can you control when you watch your programs?
  5. Where can you watch shows from?
  6. Is there any shows which are exclusive to the App or pay TV program?
  7. How often are movies and TV shows refreshed on the App or pay TV program?
  8. How easy is it to use?

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