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tv apps available for smart tvs

Planet of the Apps!

Smart TV’s are changing the way we watch TV. It’s planet of the Apps out there, and we’re here to help you decipher just what’s available, how much it’ll set you back, and what you probably need right now.

Latest TV Apps

The latest features from TV Apps include allowing you to catch-up on your favourite TV shows, recording shows you’ve missed, personalising your preferences and suggesting shows you might like. Plus, you can also watch YouTube, and listen to digital radio via your TV – all for free!

The individual paid Apps allow you to access TV shows, documentaries and movies which are not on free-to-air TV and are sometimes made specifically to be available only on that App (think Netflix original TV shows and movies). They might charge you for a subscription per month, or charge you per movie or TV show viewing depending on the App.

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Some Examples


Netflix will set you back from about $8.99 per month. Available anywhere in the world, you can use this streaming service whilst travelling or at home. You’ll find hugely popular TV shows and movies made just-for-Netflix on the App and nowhere else. Easy navigation and old and new movies available constantly are big plusses.

Foxtel Play

This App will cost about $25 per month. A little on the more expensive side, but if you already have Foxtel it’s free for you. Like traditional Foxtel, the more channel options you choose, the more you’ll pay.


Stan is about $10 per month flat-fee and is an all-Aussie App created by Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media. Plenty of TV and movies are available, with a large library of local productions too.


Presto is a sub-Foxtel brand setting you back about $9.99 per month minimum. You can choose a package including just TV or just movies, or both for a little extra.


QuickFlix is a long-standing Australian App setting you back about $9.99 per month too – with money staying in Australia. Your options here mean you can rent movies and TV shows for a fee, or pay per episode or per movie. Or you can stream for 48 hours straight for a fee instead.

Freeview TV Channels

This App provides viewers with access to all free to air channels and their respective Apps from one location. For information on these channels check out our blog on everything you need to know about Freeview TV.

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Casting To Your TV

These days, with the right set-up, you can cast just about anything from your mobile device, tablet or computer to your TV screen, opening up so many more options for viewing.

When it comes to casting, all you need is a small device plugged into your TV and you can then use your mobile phone or tablet device to ‘cast’ what is on there up to the TV screen. Your device will almost act as a remote control, where you can select what you want to watch and mirror it to the TV.

Chromecast and Apple TV are two of these casting options. Chromecast and Apple TV both require you to plug their devices into your TV, and you can then use them to start casting. Watch anything from a dedicated TV App such as Freeview, YouTube, Stan, Netflix, or even recorded movies direct from your PC.

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