TV Antenna Installation Gallery

Fraccarro Antennas

These are the best ‘Log Periodic’ antennas available in Perth, Fraccaro is a leading European TV reception brand. Beware of copy type log antennas!

Odrok UHF Yagi High Gain Antenna

Top quality Australian high gain TV antenna with a 10 year warranty.

Hills Black Arrow Antenna

Premium Australian made antenna by Hills, the Black Arrow is the best selling antenna for Pro TV Perth, it is a high gain model and comes with a powder coat paint job, so works well and will stand the test of time.

TV Antenna on tiled roof

Rafter Mount Kits are used on tiled roofs for 2 reasons; technical (antenna may need to be fitted in a particular spot for a better signal), or cosmetic (to keep TV antenna out of sight or not in the roof valley).
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