SANUS Wall mounts

Smooth, stable and sleek wall mounts for your TV.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

Sanus F58C

The SANUS VuePoint F58c is an unparalleled tilting TV wall mount bracket that’s suitable for most 47″ to 90″ TVs that weigh up to 59kg. It’s so good that we now use it for most of our TV installations.

Large $289 - XL $329

Professionally installed


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SANUS F58c tv wall mount

Advanced Tilt 4D Premium Wall Mount

Sanus VLT7

The VLT7 boasts advanced tilt technology, enabling you to tilt your TV in 4 different directions! Perfect for larger TVs in the 65″-85″ range, the VLT7 extends from the wall 6.8″, getting you the maximum tilt possible.

Just $439

Professionally installed


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Sanus VLT7 Advanced Tilt 4D Premium Wall Mount

Super Slim Full-Motion TV Mount

Sanus VLFS820

The VLFS820 sits just 1.64″ off the wall but can extend out a massive 20″ with up to 58° of swivel. This gives you the best view wherever you are in the room. It has a stylish industrial design and suits 40″-90″ TVs weighing up to 56kg.

Just $599

Professionally installed


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sanus VLFS820 tv wall mount bracket

Advanced Full-Motion TV Mount

Sanus VLF728

With a lower profile depth than traditional full-motion mounts, the Advanced Full-Motion Mount positions TVs closer to the wall creating a more streamlined look.

Expertly engineered with FluidMotion™ design, the Advanced Full-Motion Mount provides unparalleled smoothness. Effortlessly extend, tilt and swivel your TV regardless of its weight or thickness.

Just $599

VLF728 Professionally installed

VLF728 PRODUCT SPECS (option 730)

Just $739

VLF730 Professionally installed


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The mount’s included Steady Set™ functionality ensures your TV will stay exactly where you want it – no drifting, shifting or unwanted movement ever.

With its simple and intuitive design, the Advanced Full-Motion TV Mount ensures a clear and hassle free install every time.


Tilting TV Wall Mount

Sanus VMPL50A

The SANUS VMPL50A is a tilting wall mount for 32″ – 85″ flat-panel TVs. SANUS’ Virtual Axis™ tilting system provides easy adjustment of viewing angle with just the touch of a finger.

ProSet™ post-installation height and leveling adjustments ensure TVs are always perfectly positioned after hanging. Its solid heavy-gauge steel construction offers a sleek, high-tech look while providing strength and durability.

Adjustable TV brackets offer lateral shift ability to allow perfect TV placement, even with off-center wall studs. TV is positioned just 1.8″ / 4.57 cm from the wall for a clean, low-profile appearance.  

Just $349

Professionally installed


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Sanus VMPL50A TV mounting bracket

Tilting Wall Mount for Larger TVs

Sanus VXT7

The SANUS VXT7 is a tilting wall mount that works very well for 85″ – 100″ TVs. 

It features an adjustable design to accommodate larger TVs and positions them just 2.5″ from the wall. The result is a very stylish slim profile.

The Virtual Axis™ fingertip tilt allows for easy tilting and quick access to cables.

Just $399

Professionally installed


Sanus VXT7 Tilting Wall Mount for Large TVs

On-Wall AV Shelf

Sanus VMA401

The SANUS Vertical Series VMA401 is a single-column AV component shelf that mounts directly under wall-mounted TVs for a sleek, streamlined look. Its center column is vertically adjustable for perfect alignment under a wall-mounted TV, even after hanging.

The center column features an integrated channel for easy power cable and signal wire routing.

Thick tempered-glass shelf support up to 15 lbs and can be vertically adjusted to accommodate any AV component arrangement. Combine more than one VMA401 for a multiple shelving unit.

Just $119

Professionally installed



Soundbar Mount

Sanus SASB1

The SANUS SASB1 soundbar mount seamlessly integrates your soundbar with your mounted TV. Featuring broad compatibility, the soundbar mount attaches to the back or bottom of soundbars and works with most soundbars up to 20 lbs.

Compatible with SANUS TV mounts and other UL listed mounts, the SANUS soundbar mount works with a large range of TV sizes and features broad VESA compatibility. When used with a full-motion TV mount, the soundbar mount allows your speaker to move with the TV for an optimal listening experience.

Just $129

Professionally installed


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Soundbar Mount Designed for Sonos Beam™

Sanus WSSBM1

Seamlessly integrate Sonos Beam with your mounted TV with the Soundbar Mount for Beam. The 12” of height adjustment ensures an ideal fit between Beam and the bottom of your mounted TV for a clean, streamlined look, and the intuitive Smart Latch™ allows for speaker height adjustment with just the lift of a finger – no tools required.

Just $129

Professionally installed



Extendable Soundbar Wall Mount for Sonos Arc Soundbar


Designed in partnership with Sonos, this SANUS soundbar wall mount bracket works perfectly with the popular Sonos Arc soundbar to give the most optimal audio experience. It features a modern design that installs directly on your wall underneath your mounted TV. The extendable soundbar mount for Arc easily pulls out 12.83cm from the wall, allowing for the sound bar mics and Atmos drivers to give the best sound possible no matter how thick your TV is.

Just $159

Professionally installed


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sanus soundbar wall mount and sonos arc soundbar

Advanced Soundbar Mount

Sanus SA405

The SANUS SA405 soundbar speaker mount attaches directly to the bottom of your TV wall mount for a convenient, adjustable, and stylish setup.

The SA405 is compatible with most TV wall mounts and many soundbars, and is easy to assemble with all hardware included and no additional drilling into the wall needed.

Perfect for use with a full-motion mount – sit back and enjoy the sound as it moves with your TV.

Just $89

Professionally installed


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