4K TV Buying Guide (Part 2)

With so many 4K HD TVs on the market, Pro TV Perth has prepared a 4K TV Buying Guide to help you out.

Be sure to consult the guide before you go shopping for your new 4K TV. And if you haven’t already, please read 4K TV Guide Part 1.

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Your 4K TV Buying Guide

1. Check Standard Definition Content Quality

While HD content is now widely available, some mainstream television is still broadcast in low-quality Standard Definition. The issue with this is that many 4K televisions, even some of the more expensive ones, struggle to display Standard Definition content well.

When shopping around for a 4K TV, be sure to play some low resolution content on it first. Kids TV channels in particular regularly broadcast popular, extremely low-quality content, so check some of the channels. Fast motion sport and YouTube can also can also be used to identify 4K TVs that digitise Standard Definition content poorly.

2. Size makes a big difference to value

TVs aren’t priced on a sliding scale. Sometimes going up in size costs just $50 per inch. Other times it’s $300 per inch, or even more. These changes frequently occur within a manufacturer’s own line and mean that better value can sometimes be had by going up two sizes instead of one.

At present, the sweet spot for flat panel TVs is 55-65 inches with value dropping away either side. So once you’ve decided on a 4K TV, look at the different prices for models either side of it. It might be worth upgrading or saving lots of money by losing a few inches.

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3. Check that panning and fast motion ability is good

Not all 4K TVs handle panning and fast motion content very well, such as live action sports and action movies. This happens because they lack the image processing grunt to correct standard frame rates ‘on the fly’.

This usually results in constant and very obvious image artifacts appearing on screen, an issue that will soon annoy even the most tolerant TV watcher!

So as you’re inspecting candidate 4K TVs for possible purchase be sure to view content that contains fast motion, panning shots, and if possible, ending credits, and if the TV struggles with it, then probably best to cross it from your list.

4. Turn off Store Mode, aka Demo Mode

All TVs have a Store/Demo Mode which increases the brightness and colour saturation to look “better” while it’s on the showroom floor so to speak.

Although there is nothing wrong or deceptive about this practice, it can still cause a problem in your considerations if the 4k TV you’re considering will perform differently when you get it home.

To be absolutely sure you’re seeing the ‘normal’ performance of a 4K TV you are considering, be sure to get the salesperson to turn off Store/Demo Mode in the settings and check the image. In some cases, you’ll be staggered by the difference, and may cross that option off your list.

5. View The Candidate 4K TV From All Angles

When you’re inspecting candidate 4K TV for possible purchase be sure to view it from all possible angles as they might exist in your home.

As you move sideways from the centre of the screen, most 4K TVs will lose a certain degree of colour and contrast, however, you’ll want to make sure that and model you seriously consider keeps this loss to an absolute minimum.

Be sure to check this in store by standing in the middle of the screen at your normal viewing distance and then take a few steps sideways. If the picture degrades too much, then you may want to drop that model from your list of candidates.

6. Make Sure You Get a Genuinely Smart 4K TV

Look for TV models that can connect to the internet and home networks. Most smart TVs use DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance protocol), which allows you to stream media from your computer to your TV over your home network.

Some also let you connect via other protocols such as the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), which makes a direct one-to-one network connection with your smartphone, allowing you to watch whatever is playing on your smartphone.

However, it’s the TV’s ability to stream your favourite streaming movies and TV and catch-up TV services that you should really be looking at as well, now that these are so popular and accessible.

7. Make Sure The 4K TV You Get Fits The Room

Aside from your personal preferences about how a particular TV model looks,  or whether you really want a super-large TV in your home, there are a few practical things you should consider before you buy.

Firstly, consider the size of the room the TV will go into. This will help determine what size TV you should get. A 127cm (50″) HD TV (1920 x 1080 pixels) will be fine at a viewing distance of two metres. However, If you want to sit closer, you’ll need to get a smaller set to avoid seeing the pixels (dots) that make up the screen.

Also make sure that if you intend to have the TV wall-mounted, which most people do these days, that it will actually fit the space you plan to have it affixed to.

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We hope you’ve found our 4K TV buying guide useful and that it helps you make the right purchase. For the ultimate home theatre cinematic experience, contact Pro TV today to get your new TV wall mounted.

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