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Create an at-home cinema experience with a wall mounted TV

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Looking for a TV wall mounting expert in Perth?

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Give your TV the Hollywood look with a high class install from Pro TV Perth. Pro TV is trusted by over 850 households every year to safely and expertly mount their TVs – it’s all we do, and we know how to do it right!

Professional TV wall mounting involves more than just screwing a bracket to the wall…

We will ensure the right position and height, check cabling and connections, and generally make sure that your TV is installed safely and correctly so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your TV stress-free!

How much does it cost to get my TV wall mounted?

Save your money for the popcorn. Expert TV installation at an honest price.

Calculate the cost of your TV installation

  1. Select cost for labour and bracket from the tables here ($289 or $329)
  2. Add cost of cable options, if needed for your wall/install ($99 to $219)
  3. Consider premium brackets, Sanus brackets and Soundbars.

TVs, 37”-75”

$ 289 Inc. Fitting & Flat/Tilt Bracket
  • $99 - Internal single brick wall (surface cables),
  • or +$129 - Internal single brick wall with conduits (new build),
  • or +$199 - Cavity wall (external)

XL TVs, 77”-86”

$ 329 Inc. Fitting & Flat/Tilt Bracket
  • $99 - Internal single brick wall (surface cables),
  • or +$129 - Internal single brick wall with conduits (new build),
  • or +$199 - Cavity wall (external)

Why do I need a professional to wall mount my TV?

We’ve been fitting TVs since 92’ – long before they were flat! – so we’ve seen it all…

We will make sure that:

Every year, Pro TV completes dozens of refits, due to a DIY job gone wrong; an incorrect or poor quality bracket was used or the TV was installed in the wrong place or height. 

Most DIY jobs do not deal with the cables properly, leaving you with a very poor-looking, incomplete job – it’s best to get the professionals in!

See Pro TV in action and work out which cable options you will need

Watch James mount a 65” TV to a brick cavity wall and talk you through the process…
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Highest quality install for a great price including all brackets and cables. Greatly appreciated the professionalism and knowledge in getting the right solution for my house. Highly recommend!
Nic Lastman
Nic Lastman
I highly recommend this business.I was completely impressed with James' professionalism and customer service.Pricing was fair and transparent - definitely value for money.
A real Professional
Duncan Gibb
Duncan Gibb
Great service. Had our 65” OLED installed, looks mint. Would recommend.
Michael McCann
Michael McCann
James did an amazing job installing our large TV. He went above and beyond by hiding our cables in our wall cavity and giving me tips on the TV's operation. The communication prior to the visit was prompt and James was very knowledgeable with the best placement etc. A pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend Pro TV Perth.
Melissa Davies
Melissa Davies
James made the whole process from booking of the job to the final installation of the wall mounted TV unit so stress-free. Friendly, efficient, on-time and reasonably priced. Would highly recommended!
Ho Lai
Ho Lai

TV Bracket Guide

Not sure which TV bracket you need?

Pro TV only uses brackets from leading professional brands such as Digitek, Secura and the premium high-end brackets from Sanus. Whatever angle or position your TV requires, we’ll supply the right bracket for the job – fitted perfectly to look great and stay safely in place.

We install hundreds of TV’s every year, trouble free, in a single visit! 

The ultimate home theatre cinema experience

A professional TV wall mount installation that will transform your entertainment area into the hub of your home.

FAQs about TV Wall Mounting

It will come down to the TV size and bracket type, either a flat/tilt type or cantilever. See prices at top of this page. If it’s a large TV, cable options usually apply to complete the job, they typically range from $99.00-$219.00.
Additional information is on the cable options page.

In addition to the labour and bracket for TV wall mounts, most TVs will require some sort of cabling to be completed, this often includes HDMI cables, Optical, TV, DATA and in some cases power leads.

Most standard large TVs require that all cables are 3 metres. Some installations maybe plus or minus the odd cable and it’s ok to mix and match cables depending on your individual installation.

We have these to hand and can supply them if needed for your  TV installation. All HDMI leads are the latest 4K versions.

If you are looking for a quote for commercial TV installation or domestic installation for multiple TVs, please get in touch so we can tailor a quote to your requirements.

Yes we do, they have proved to be very popular in recent years so we can fit these for you, these are best fitted during the TV installation, in most cases it maybe just additional labour if needed and occasionally a power lead so it will not cost much more.

We also have a range of premium Sanus universal soundbar brackets which can come in very useful on some installations.

If in doubt just ask, I am always happy to help.

You can only hide cables if there is a gap in the wall to do so, most
large TV installations are either going on an internal wall (single
brick wall) or the outside double brick cavity wall.

If you have a double brick cavity wall, then yes the cables can be

If you have conduits in place “typically new builds” then yes that’s
fine, conduits are often chased in the wall during the build which
allows cables to be not be visible on an internal wall.

If its an single brick internal wall then the cables are often housed in
a cosmetic AV trunking below the TV.

Apartments are the same rule, if there is gap then no problem.

If your own bracket is up to the Pro TV high standards, then yes. Buying your own bracket or cables will often work out more expensive but typically you can deduct $50.00 from the initial labour and bracket cost.

Please note many people pay too much for brackets, then try and get the TV fitted to cheaply, or may buy a poor bracket which is not a good fit for the job.

This can also cause onsite labour delays, enquiry and a quality control issues as I won’t know what you’ve got until I arrive at the house.

TVs are bigger and lighter than ever before, the vast majority can be lifted into place by 1 man, however it’s wise to ensure there is someone at the house during installation that may be able to assist with the final lift, especially important with TVs in the 65” range and above and for any TVs that are delicate to pick up, OLED TVs for example as they are wafer thin and need to be handled with care.
Some appartments and offices especially in the CBD locations may require additional labour due to building access and parking restrictions, or even parking charges may apply. If your property or location is like this then it’s wise to allow some extra labour if needed and notify me when making an enquiry.

The optical audio lead will retrieve the digital audio signal from the TV and they are essential for wall mounted TVs (these cables are often overlooked!). You may want to add a soundbar or an amplifier later if you don’t already have one.

Also known as HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), HD leads deliver picture and sound via one cable. The latest version is V2.0 and will handle the latest 4K standards (higher bandwidth/ frame rates) also a whole raft of digital audio formats including ARC (audio return channel) which are useful for soundbar installs/ connections. We also carry slimline HDMI leads (for any tight-fitting conduits) and standard 5m HDMI cables.
Gyprock walls are common in apartments and offices, its ok and safe to mount large TVs. Flat type brackets are best as this allows for the weight to be spread out evenly, it’s not advisable to try and mount a cantilever bracket on Gyprock as they can be front heavy unless the proper wooden studs and timber supports have already been fitted.
No. But make sure you book in advance as its a popular day for TV installations!
Many people assume that one large TV can be simply be changed for another, but it’s often not the case. It’s always wise to budget on full new installation costs when changing over large TVs, in some cases, the bracket may need changing or it may need to be moved to suit the new TV screen height, you may also need the latest 4K HDMI leads, other cables may not reach or could be missing to suit what the new TV requires. Any labour or cables not used can then be deducted from the new install costs.

Samsung, The “One Connect” TVs are mostly on the Picture Frame and some high-end QLED TVs. These TVs have a separate AV/HDMI box with the “One Connect” cable to the TV. This is a good idea from Samsung but they can be tricky to install on certain wall types due to the cable itself. The connector is best described like an oversized HDMI connector so it often won’t fit in the conduits for example. If you have one of these TVs then make it known when making enquiries about installations.

I fit many of these TVs from Samsung and now the LG OLED Gallery ranges which come with No Gap wall mounts, it’s important to understand best practice and wall preparations for these TVs. You may be asked to supply pictures of the TV location before bookings.

I found James to be very reliable and he did a great job making sure everything was installed and working correctly before he left. Would definitely recommend!
James is the best in the business. Professional, experienced & honest installer.
Daniel Merrett
Daniel Merrett
If you are searching for a reliable, efficient, affordable and professional tv antenna installation or repair, I highly recommend James from PRO TV. One visit and the job was done. YAYE!
Bec Hodgins
Bec Hodgins
Great service. Very happy with finished product. James was insightful and gave
a range of choices of how to and where to hang the TVs. Second time I have used him and will continue in the future. Great communication, on time and efficient throughout.
Sam Michael
Sam Michael
Big thanks to James for installing our 85" Samsung QLED 4K TV. From the first phone call to the prompt service in a couple of days was top notch and perfect. The TV was mounted in a rather tight spot with not much room for error and James performed like a pro and got the job done. Loved the honest upfront pricing on the website it made all the difference. Great communication about which mounts where available as well. Once again an absolute amazing job done and I would 100% recommend ProTV and James to anyone as they will not be disappointed. Thanks again for the install James!
James has installed three tv’s for me.

He is An absolute professional. He’s workmanship, knowledge and doing the job probably makes him the best.

Thanks again James
Daniel Grant
Daniel Grant

Why get professional TV wall mounting?

TV wall mounting installation solutions are available from $289 and include a wall bracket.

We offer a large range of TV brackets to suit all TV installations from flat, tilt or corner/swivel (cantilever) types for most screen sizes, including curved screens. So, if you need a little 32″ TV fitted in the bedroom or the latest 85″ TV and Dolby Atmos soundbar fitted in your cinema room, get in touch!

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