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Pro TV Perth offer professional, high quality TV mounting services at the right price. It’s all we do, so we know how to do it really well!

We’ve been fitting TVs for 26 years and long before TVs were flat, so we’re very good at it. We only supply and fit quality TV brackets and cables.

All installations fitted with care and pride by an owner operator, James. We will treat your TV installation like it’s our own. So you can sit back and enjoy your TV stress-free!

TV Mounting Perth

Small TV's
Up to 32”

Max 20cm x 20cm
VESA mount
Bracket included

Flat Tilt $150
Tilt & Turn $179

Medium TV's

Max 40cm x 40cm
VESA mount
Bracket included

Flat Tilt $199
Tilt & Turn $239

Large TV's

Max 40cm x 60cm
VESA mount
Bracket included

Flat Tilt $199
Tilt & Turn $329


Max 60cm-80cm
VESA mount
Bracket included

Flat Tilt or
Tilt & Turn

Prices exclude any additional cable requirements. Please refer to FAQ’s below or visit the cable options page for more information. 

What do you use to attach my TV to the wall?

Thanks to the VESA standards introduced in 1997, VESA is a set of industry guidelines for flat panel TVs and monitors allowing standard type and common fixing patterns on the rear of TVs, this has allowed the mass production of TV brackets which in turn has reduced the installation costs significantly, its never been cheaper to have your TV wall mounted.

VESA mounting is the 4 fixing holes on the rear of your TV, If in doubt just measure the holes and use the chart above to work out how much it will cost to wall mount your TV. Our wall-mount TV packages include the cost of a high quality heavy duty TV bracket with 1 hour labour. GST is included.

Already purchased your own bracket?

No problem, providing your wall mount bracket is up to Pro TV standards, we will be happy to fit it for you. Get in touch and we’ll be able to offer you a discounted rate.
Wall Mount TV Bracket Types

Wall-mounted TV & Sound Bar Installations

FAQ’s about TV installations and wall-mounting TV’s

Save money and time with the best TV wall mounting installation services from Pro TV.

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It will come down to the TV size and bracket type, either a flat/tilt type or cantilever. Prices are displayed on the table above.

In addition to the labour and bracket for TV wall mounts, most TVs will require some sort of cabling to be completed, this often includes HDMI cables, Optical, TV, DATA and in some cases power leads. Most standard large TVs require that all cables are 3 metres. Some installations maybe plus or minus the odd cable depending on your individual installation. We have these to hand and can supply them if needed for your TV installation. All HDMI leads are the latest 4K versions. If you are looking for a quote for a commercial TV installation or domestic installation for multiple TVs, please get in touch so we can tailor a quote to your requirements.
Surface Cables
With conduits in place (typically new builds)
Double Brick
2×3 metre HDMI2×3 metre HDMI2×3 metre HDMI
1x Optical1x Optical1x Optical
1x TV Coax Cable1x TV Coax Cable1x TV Coax Cable
Cable Trunking2x Brush Plates2x Brush Plates
Note: For conduit or cavity wall installations, you may need a power lead. Please add $20.

Yes we do, they have proved to be very popular in recent years so we can fit these for you, these are best fitted during the TV installation, in most cases it’s just additional labour needed and occasionally a power lead so it wont cost much more. If in doubt just ask, I am always happy to help.

If you have a double brick cavity wall, then yes the cables can be hidden.
If you have conduits in place “typically new builds” then yes that’s fine.

If its an existing older property without conduits then the cables are generally surface run using a cable trunking to house the cables.

If your own bracket is up to the Pro TV standards, then yes. Buying your own bracket or cables will often work out more expensive but typically you can deduct $50.00 from the initial labour and bracket cost minus any cables not used from the cable options. It’s not possible to quote on these installations as I won’t know what you’ve got until I arrive at the house.

The optical audio lead will retrieve the digital audio signal from the TV and they are essential for wall mounted TVs (these cables are often overlooked!). You may want to add a soundbar or an amplifier later if you don’t already have one.

Also known as HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), HD cables have been around since 2002 and they will deliver picture and sound via one cable. The latest version is 2.0 and will handle the latest 4K standards (higher bandwidth/frame rates) also a whole raft of digital audio formats including ARC (audio return channel).

For the ultimate home theatre cinematic experience, we can deliver a TV wall mount installation that will transform your entertainment area into the hub of your home. No messy cables and unsightly holes, just pure professional installation services.

TV mounting installation solutions are available from $150 and include a wall bracket. As a comprehensive service provider, we offer a large range of TV brackets to suit all installations from flat, tilt or corner/swivel (cantilever) types for most screen sizes, including curved screens. So, if you need a little 26″ fitted in the bedroom or the latest 78″ curved screen in your cinema room, get in touch!

Your bracket and TV will be installed correctly, using the correct cabling, studs and mounts to ensure safe mounting and longevity. We will set up your existing audio visual equipment and adjust the settings to ensure you get crisp reception and sharp imaging from your TV.

Brushed AV Outlet Plates

Brushed AV outlet plates provide a tidy finish to any TV wall mount as they allow for multiple cables to be passed through the plate.

Longer HDMI Cables

Longer HDMI leads are available for your TV Wall Mount – just ask!

Optical Audio Leads

Optical audio leads are essential for TV wall mounting, and these are often overlooked. The optical audio lead retrieves digital audio from the TV; if you’re watching FTA (Free-To-Air), Foxtel, a Blu-Ray disc or even gaming, this lead supplies the audio for a soundbar or an AV amp. If you don’t have a soundbar or an AV amp now, you may choose to add one later and you won’t have to remove and refit the TV just to put the cable in. Keep it simple and stay ahead of the digital audio game, with Pro TV installation.

Gyprock walls are common in apartments and offices, its ok and safe to mount large TVs. Flat type brackets are best as this allows for the weight to be spread out evenly, it’s not advisable to try and mount a cantilever bracket on Gyprock as they can be front heavy unless the proper wooden studs and timber supports have already been fitted.

No. But make sure you book in advance as its a popular day for TV installations!

TVs are bigger and lighter than ever before, the vast majority can be lifted into place by 1 man, however it’s wise to ensure there is someone at the house during installation that may be able to assist with the final lift, especially important with TVs in the 65” range and above.
Some appartments and offices especially in the CBD locations may require additional labour due to building access and parking restrictions, or even parking charges may apply. If your property or location is like this then it’s wise to allow some extra labour if needed and notify me when making an enquiry.
The “One Connect” TVs from Samsung are the models ranging from Series 7, 8, 9 including curve TVs also the QLED and Picture Frame range of TVs. These TVs have a seperate AV/HDMI box with the “One Connect” cable to the TV. This is a good idea from Samsung but they can be tricky to install on certain wall types due to the cable itself. The connector is best described like an oversized HDMI connector so it often won’t fit in the conduits for example. If you have one of these TVs then make it known when making enquiries about installations.
It’s wise to budget on full new installation costs when changing over large TVs, in some cases the bracket may need changing or it may need to be moved to suit the new TV screen height, you may also need the latest 4K HDMI leads, other cables may not reach or could be missing to suit what the new TV requires. Any labour or cables not used can then be deducted from the new install costs.

How much does it cost to install/wall-mount my TV?

Use the tables below or the TV Wall Mounting calculator to find out how much it will cost to have your TV professionally wall-mounted. 

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