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"I want my TV on the wall but I don’t want to see the cables!"

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We can do both! Just mounting your TV to the wall isn’t always enough – it’s the installation of the right cabling that gives it that clean, professional finished look.

At Pro TV, we can do everything from inserting a tidy cable trunk so the unsightly cables are tucked away externally to completely hiding the cables inside the wall itself.

Cables for wall mounting TV's

Each room in your house will have different cabling requirements, which will affect the cost of installation.

The TV cable options below are intended for the larger main TVs within the house – typically measuring 50”-86”.

All the standard options for regular large TVs are explained below but, if you’re still unsure, just get in touch and we’ll help you figure out the ideal option for your home and TV.

Cost to wall mount your TV = Base cost + Cable option

Base cost

Most TV's are fitted for $289 + one of the cable options below.

XL TVs (77”-85”) are fitted for $329 + one of the cable options below.

1. Internal Walls

4x 3 Metre Cable
Low profile AV Trunking

Base +$99

Cable Option 1

Internal Walls (Single Brick)

The internal wall is a wall within the house that backs onto another room, so therefore you can’t hide the cables without wall chasing. But don’t worry, we can still mount a TV to internal walls with tidy cabling! For internal wall mounting, cables are surface run and housed in an AV cable trunking below the TV. The result is a neat and tidy, cost-effective solution.

Examples of TVs using internal wall cables:

2. New Build

4x 3 Metre Cable
2x AV Brush Plates
Power Lead

Base +$129

Cable Option 2

New Build (Conduit)

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This typically applies to new build houses which have already had the wall chasing completed during the build. This allows for the cables to be hidden within the single brick wall.

Examples of before and after using conduit installation:

3. External Wall

4x 3 Metre Cable
2x AV Brush Plates
Power Lead
1 Hour Labour

Base +$199

Cable Option 3

External Wall (Cavity)

This is for homes where you want to mount your TV to the outside double brick cavity wall of the house. In this case, the cavity wall has a gap between the brick allowing for cables to be hidden.

Examples of before and after installations using cavity wall:

4. Cable Punch Through

4x 3 Metre Cable
2x AV Brush Plates
Power Lead
Large Trunking
1 Hour Labour

Base +$219

Cable Option 4

Cable Punch Through

This cabling method typically applies to TVs that are mounted to an internal single brick wall. However, the TV position may back onto an out-of-sight type location such as a garage or wardrobe. This allows us to install the cables to go through the wall and up behind the TV – keeping your cables hidden from view.

The position behind the TV needs to be clear of obstructions for this type of installation to fall within budget.

Examples of TV installations using cable punch through:

Gyprock walls within apartments are fine for large TV installations and if there is a gap in the Gyprock, option 3 would apply – some apartments also use options 1 and 2. We can advise you if you are unsure which applies to you.

Upgrades and Extras

Cosmetic AV trunking is a semicircular low profile cable trunking that sticks to the wall below your TV.

It encases multiple cables and keeps your TV safe and looking super tidy.

Cosmetic AV trunking is also the easiest and cheapest way to mount a large TV – our customers love it!

Sanus Logo Soundbar fittings are very popular and we install many. We also carry a range of universal soundbar mounts from Sanus if needed. Soundbars should be fitted with your TV to get the best result. We need to consider the heights and cable requirements for both your TV and soundbar.
  • Pro TV installs many houses with multiple TVs including antennas. Combination jobs are
    discounted against the regular singular pricing on this website, so if you do need a combination job
    completing get in touch and I will be happy to confirm pricing for you.
  • Some TV installations are plus or minus the odd cable depending on your individual set up. It’s ok
    to mix and match the cables.
  • DATA leads and 5 metre cables if needed are also carried as stock, these minor details are often best sorted out on the day.
  • Buying your own kit will often work out more expensive and it’s not advised. But if you already have (and it’s the correct one!) then you can deduct $50.00 from the normal price on this page.
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Why Use Pro TV?

Wall Mount Cabling FAQs

Buying your own kit will often work out more expensive and it’s not advised as we can’t guarantee the quality and result. But if you already have one (and it’s the correct one for the TV and install) then you can deduct $50.00 from the normal standard price.
If you have kids or pets, having exposed cables is definitely not something you want to risk. Wall mounting your TV is only half the job done if you don’t also get a professional to complete the cabling for you. All of our TV cabling options above will leave the TV area safe and tidy, but it does depend on the wall that your TV is being mounted on. For example, if you are installing your wall-mounted TV on an internal wall, we won’t be able to hide the cables in the wall itself, but we can still use trunking to tuck the cables away from little fingers and paws. With Pro TV, your TV installation and cabling will always look tidy and professional.
Not to worry, we will be able to help you figure out the right option with just a quick phone call. We will just need to know a bit more about how you want to mount your TV, which wall in the home you are using and a few other things about your home. If you don’t know an answer to something, we will help you figure it out! Give James a call now on 0439 132 530, or fill in the quick form above and we will call you.

All of our TV mounting services cover the installation (or ‘mounting’) of your TV to the wall, along with the Fitting & Flat/Tilt Bracket. Cabling isn’t included as every home, wall and job is different – but all you have to do is select the cabling service that suits you to create your own TV mounting and cabling package! If you aren’t sure which wall type you have or which cabling you need, just get in touch and we will help you figure it out.

We have everything and will still be able to get it done on the day – don’t worry. If we arrive and your setup requires something different, we will have it on board. Most large TV installs require a bunch of 3-metre cables, HDMI, LAN/Data / TV leads, optical and power leads, we also carry slimline HDMI & 2.1 HDMI 8K cables for the high-end TVs and equipment so we can sort out these types of small changes on the day.
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