Why am I getting bad TV reception?

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Bad TV reception

There is nothing worse than sitting down with a snack or cup of tea, settling in, turning on the TV expectantly to view your favourite show, and then finding out the signal is gone or screen is fuzzy. If you’re getting bad reception it could be due to a number of reasons. Let’s find out why right here.

The cause of bad reception is generally the antenna that is sitting on your roof. It might be weathered, damaged, broken, or perhaps it was installed incorrectly in the first place. Whatever the reason, this is something that can be fixed.

With new digital channels available around Australia, it’s important to have a modern antenna installed, or have your antenna at least maintained, to ensure you’re making the most of the newly available entertainment and getting the best possible signal.

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Elements that can impact your TV signal

Your location

This will determine your channels. Television frequencies in Australia are very location specific, so your antenna will need to be able to pick up those frequencies specific to your area.

A professional installer can match the right antenna to your area for you. You may also have vegetation, other buildings or hilly terrain in the way of the TV tower that’s giving off the frequencies. Or you could live within the footprint of a relay transmitter and may get better reception from a different tower.

If you’re getting poor reception, a signal booster might need to be installed onto your current antenna to gain a better signal strength to suit your location.

Your equipment

If you have a dodgy old antenna, you’re going to get bad reception. The better your set up, the better the reception will be.

If you have installed a new antenna, and your old one is not removed, then you might also be getting some interference. Check to make sure the old one is removed before blaming your new one.

The installation

Installing an antenna isn’t as simple as mounting it on the roof and moving on. It needs to be facing to the right TV tower in the area, cabled properly, and polarised too. Your antenna installer will choose the best possible spot on your roof for the antenna, one that is free to receive the signal. This might not even be the same spot that your current antenna is sitting in due to new trees growing around the house or buildings springing up.

Antenna Maintenance

How long has it been since you’ve checked out your antenna? It might have gathered rust, dust, been damaged in wild weather, or a bird might have damaged it. If you’re getting bad reception, check your roof to see if you can spot some damage, then call an expert to come and fix it up for you.

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Climbing onto your roof can be very dangerous and we don’t recommend you do this yourself. It’s much safer to get in touch with an expert such as Pro TV Perth to help. You can take a quick look at your antenna from the ground to assess any damage, but stay right there. A professional can get up close and assess the issues properly for you.

A local Perth antenna installer such as Pro TV Perth can tell you what antenna is going to get the best reception in your area, and we’ll set it up right so your signal is strong too.

We also use only the highest quality products, such as Hills Antennas, to ensure you get the sharpest TV reception in Perth!

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