Perth Transmitter Frequencies

Here you will find all the Perth transmitter frequencies for the Perth metropolitan area.

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Perth City & Coastal TV Transmitter Frequencies (UHF Band 5)

ABCRF49676.5 Mhz
Channel 7RF46655.5 Mhz
Channel 9RF47662.5 Mhz
SBSRF50683.5 Mhz
TenRF48669.5 Mhz

South East Perth | Bickley & Kalamunda TV Transmitter Frequencies (VHF & UHF)

ABCRF12226.5 Mhz
Channel 7RF6177.5 Mhz
Channel 9RF8191.5 Mhz
SBSRF7188.5 Mhz
TenRF11219.5 Mhz
WTV (West TV)RF32557.5 Mhz

Perth North | Two Rocks TV Transmitter Frequencies (UHF Band 4)

ABCRF29536.5 Mhz
Channel 7RF30543.5 Mhz
Channel 9RF31550.5 Mhz
SBSRF28529.5 Mhz
TenRF33564.5 Mhz

Mandurah, Waroona & Pinjarra TV Transmitter Frequencies

ABCRF41620.5 Horizontal
Channel 7RF30543.5 Horizontal
Channel 9RF31550.5 Horizontal
SBSRF40613.5 Horizontal
TenRF33564.5 Horizontal

Lancelin TV Transmitter Frequencies

ABCRF41620.5 Horizontal
Channel 7RF42627.5 Horizontal
Channel 9RF42634.5 Horizontal
SBSRF40613.5 Horizontal
TenRF44641.5 Horizontal

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