do’s and don’ts of DIY TV wall mounting

diy tv wall mounting must been done with a lot of care.

DIY TV Wall Mounting

Finally! You’ve brought your new TV back home.

Now it’s time to unpack and set it up on the wall to display it in all its glory for the family to watch. But do you know what it’s going to take to wall mount and install that new TV?

DIY TV wall mounting can lead to some nasty surprises. Trust us, we’ve fixed up many shoddy TV install jobs before!

Things That Can Go Wrong

  • Damage to walls, the TV and cables from a poor mounting
  • Loosely installed TV’s
  • Incorrectly installed brackets or wrong bracket for the TV
  • Incorrect plugs and cables
  • Aesthetic issues with cables, non-centred mounting, and ill-placement, and incorrect heights are common.
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Safety First

Flat screen TV’s are easily grasped by toddlers and small children. Be sure to never put your TV on a console which can be easily reached by children without securing it into place first, and never use a chest of drawers as a TV base as this can be used as ‘stairs’ by a young child.

If installed onto a wall incorrectly, TV’s can become loose and fall off. Ensure you have your TV professionally fitted to avoid the bumps and bruises (or worse) a falling TV can cause.

Many electrical fires and electric shocks can also be caused by using the wrong cables and by incorrectly plugging things in. Never install your TV in a place that gets direct sunlight or has poor ventilation as this can lead to overheating.

Wall Mounting Your TV

Your TV can be mounted using a cantilever turn-tilt or a flat-tilt bracket, moving up and down, or side to side if it’s located in the corner.

These are mounted to the TV firmly with 4 fixing holes at the rear of the TV where the brackets fit (this is called a VESA).

The important thing with a TV mounting job is to make sure it’s stable, secure, and out of reach of little hands. Mounting your TV to the wall is a great way to prevent the TV from tipping on little ones. If you must have the TV sitting on a cabinet, make sure you secure it using security strapping available from most hardware and TV stores, so it can’t tilt forward.

Check out our video showing how to wall mount a TV


Cables coming out from behind your TV, down the wall, or leading to the power point can look untidy, and can also become dangerous. Your at-home mounting kit probably doesn’t come with a way to hide the cables.

However, having a professional do this for you is easy. Pro TV Perth can hide them away, and we also carry power leads, Data and HDMI leads with us in case you need them too. Our HDMI cables are all the latest 4K standard, enabling ultra-HD viewing and the newest technology for your TV.

Soundbars and Speakers

Once your TV is mounted, don’t forget about the soundbars and speakers to receive the best possible sound reception throughout the TV room. If you have purchased a soundbar or speakers get in touch for mounting advice and pricing.


The new generation of home theatre projectors are minimalist and high-quality. If wall mounting this yourself you’ll need to sort out four main elements – The screen, projector, sound, and video source.

The projector will need to be mounted in the right position to aim at the screen, set to the correct zoom and brightness so the image is clear, and set up to the video source and sound system. Logistically it also needs a firm mounting so it doesn’t budge, plus cabling to join everything up. Once installed this is certainly a sleek looking system.

Pro TV Perth & Joondalup

Pro TV Perth can set up your audio-visual system, to ensure a sharp reception with clear sound. Plus, we always use mounting brackets which have been approved by your TV manufacturer using the correct VESA standards and for size and weight. We often use SANUS brackets.

Find out more about our TV Wall Mounting and installation service or contact us today. We mount TVs all over Perth from our base in Joondalup.

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