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Learn about this iconic Australian company and how they produce one of the best ranges of TV antennas on the market today. Namely the Hills Silver Dart and Hills Black Arrow TV antennas. See Hills TV antenna info and pricing.

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Manufacturing Hills TV Antennas in Australia

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Hills Antenna and TV Systems is a member of the Hills Holdings Group of Companies, an investment company with some 32 businesses. Hills has come a long way since the introduction of the iconic Hills Hoist in 1946.

We’ve been providing TV reception to Australians for over 55 years and today remain a trusted and leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial products in Australia and New Zealand.

Hills Antenna and TV Systems has a history of manufacturing antennas, amplifiers and associated equipment. But today offers much more with a complete range of solutions for receiving and distributing video and data throughout homes, multiple dwelling units, hospitals, sports stadiums and so on.

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Built To Last

Hills use a range of technologies including RF distribution, HDMI, fiber optics and IPTV. The Hills antenna factory is located at O’Sullivan Beach, Adelaide. We’re proud to maintain a local design and manufacturing capability, ensuring products are made for Australians, by Australians and are built to last.

Best Possible Digital Performance

We control the design and quality and best of all, we can respond quickly to customer feedback. We’ve recently implemented a new and revolutionary antenna manufacturing machine. It allows us to provide our customers with robust and technically advanced products built for the best possible digital performance.

True-Spec, Tru-Band And Tru-Gain

New VHF and UHF antenna ranges, True-Spec, Tru-Band and Tru-Gain bring a new era of antenna technology to our customers.


This is Hills Antenna’s new Tru digital antenna production facility. This machine is fully programmable and fully automatic, reducing human error, making the product very reliable. We can make 1 or 1000 products at a time and as such, we can easily change between the product variance.

Dedicated Research & Development Team

At Hills, we invest significant resources to ensure our dedicated research and development team develop the best products in the market. Sophisticated computer-rated antenna simulators optimise the performance of antennas before construction. Antennas are then constructed and tested on our outdoor range, which guarantees proven performance in a real life environment.

Prototypes are put through rigorous durability checks to test endurance in the harshest of simulated environments. This process allows us to review and modify our products at every stage and ensures only the best products make the final approval for manufacturing.

Precision And Meticulous Testing

Our new digital antennas are constructed with precision and meticulous testing. The printed circuit board balance are built with surface mount technology machines which allows for compact size, repeatable performance and efficient manufacturing.

The tune diplexer balance are tested to ensure 100 percent accuracy before they are ultrasonically welded to seal them and ensure no water ingress.

New Boom-Lock Manufacturing Technology

The new automated manufacturing machine is fully programmable, allowing it to easily be changed to produce different antenna models. It’s the new boom-lock manufacturing technology which really makes this machine and the new antennas exceptional.

This new patented mechanical swaging technique bonds rigid 8-millimeter elements to the boom, providing a strong mechanical joint that will stand the test of time as well as providing continuous connectivity between the elements and the boom.

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Tru-Spec Antenna

This is the Hills Tru-Spec Yagi antenna, which is the new antenna that we’re manufacturing here in Australia. We call it Tru-Spec because it’s an antenna that we can design to be very true to its specification. It has got a nice, clean shape with cylindrical elements that are just simply mounted through the boom.

Hills have invested significant capital in machinery to manufacture this antenna. What we have developed is what we call “boom-lock technology” where we secure the element through the boom. This boom-lock technology is actually a very strong mechanical swaging technique that deforms the element around the boom. You can be quite sure that this antenna is going to be reliable for a very long time.

Tru-Band Antenna – The Black Arrow

the hills black arrow tv antenna offers high performance with low visual impact.

This is our Tru-Band antenna, which we often refer to as the Black Arrow antenna. It’s a combination antenna. So it has been designed for TV reception in capital cities around Australia. So this antenna is also based on the boom-lock technology that the Tru-Spec antennas are, so it has all of the same advantages of course. It’s actually made on the same automated machine.

We’ve taken this particular antenna design and we’ve actually modified the way these twin boom antennas are made so that we optimise the performance really only on the channels 6 to 12 and we also look at the operational – the performance of the antenna outside of those channels because we’re trying to make this antenna also work as a filter to filter out interference and noise.

I guess one of the most striking features of this antenna is that it is all black, which is why we call it the black arrow. We even have the black clamp and black mounting poles are available. When you put it up on the roof particularly on modern homes, it really is a low visual impact antenna.

The inspiration for the colouring of the black arrow antenna comes from the similar colour of fences around such things as swimming pools in order to reduce its visual impact.

Developed for quick and easy installation, the Tru-Band black arrow is set up in minutes and importantly, a clear, strong signal is achieved for the customer.

Made In Australia And Ready To Install

We dispatch antennas daily from the Adelaide factory, allowing us to maintain stock of the new antennas around the country.

The new digital antennas are more durable, easier to install and superior to other antennas available in Australia.

Hills Antenna and TV Systems with its innovative new antenna machine will long continue to produce the smartest and most durable antennas in Australia.

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