TV for Gaming – What’s Important When Buying

tv for gaming

TV for gaming

If you are thinking about buying a TV for gaming, here are some important points to consider.

  • Low Latency or Lag
  • High Refresh Rate
  • 4K
  • HDR
  • Inputs
  • Smart TV

Low latency or lag

When gaming it is important that the signal your TV receives and the time it takes to display is kept to an absolute minimum. A long lag can mean you make mistakes, get eliminated or miss scoring opportunities.

When shopping for TVs, you will notice that latency generally ranges between 15 to 80 milliseconds. A TV with a latency of 30 milliseconds or less is ideal for gaming.

Of all the points discussed in this summary, low latency is the most important for gaming TVs.

High refresh rate

When watching or playing games on television, you are basically seeing a series of still picture frames that are refreshed very quickly. This is so fast that you simply see motion pictures.

A 60Hz TV refreshes at 60 frames per second (60FPS) while a 120Hz TV refreshes at 120 frames per second (120FPS).

For gamers, a refresh rate of 60FPS on 60Hz TV is totally fine. Some highly competitive gamers may opt for a 120Hz TV but that comes at an additional cost that is not worth it for most people.

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4K is a measure of resolution or how much detail is displayed. Console gaming is rapidly evolving so keeping up with technology and buying a 4K TV is a good idea.

For TVs over 45″, 4K is worth it however for smaller TVs you may not notice the difference so much. If your budget allows for 4K, then future proof your TV gaming experience and get one.


HDR stand for High Dynamic Range and basically broadens a TVs contrast to be brighter, darker and more shades in between. HDR TVs are excellent for gaming and again highly recommended if within your budget.

HDMI inputs

It is always a good idea to shop for a TV that has a few HDMI inputs so you can easily connect your console, soundbar and any other gadgets you may have.

Smart TV

With internet connectivity, many games are now available to be streamed online from apps and websites. Gamers now have the choice to play either their physical game collection on a console or online games via apps and websites.

A smart TV enables easy access to playing games on the internet without the need for additional dongles. It is also great for regular TV viewing with instant access to streaming services like Netflix and Youtube.

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