What is a Soundbar & Why Should I Get One?

What is a Soundbar, here's a photo of one

What is a Soundbar?

Do you love to watch movies on the television with the family but cannot quite get that home theatre experience that you want? Well, maybe it is time to invest in a soundbar. Let’s find out more about soundbars.

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Main Points:

  • TVs are a getting thinner than ever before so they don’t have any room in them for decent speakers.
  • A soundbar is going to improve the sound of your favourite television programs and movies on your television.
  • Soundbars have several speakers to create multichannel audio, with a centre speaker for the mono dialog and left & right speakers for stereo sound, some even have additional speakers for sound effects and will mimic surround sound. Add a subwoofer to the mix and you can have brilliant audio without all the wires.
  • They are compact and simple in design, which means they don’t take up much room. They can be mounted on the wall or sit on the stand near to the TV.
  • They create better sound than your ordinary TV speakers.
  • They are simple to set up and only have one wire for connecting to your TV, they can be connected by an optical cable or the HDMI/ARC connection (audio return channel) or even Bluetooth.
  • To create extra depth and volume combine your soundbar with a subwoofer. This will create low-frequency sounds and deep bass too.
  • Some soundbars have Bluetooth as a feature, which means that you can connect the music from your smartphone or tablet to listen through your soundbar.
  • It is possible to connect soundbars to wireless multi-room speaker systems, which means that you can listen to music in different rooms of the house. In order to do this ensure you choose the right product, the main speaker brands have excellent systems for this.

Mounting Your Soundbar

If you already have a soundbar and are looking for a bracket that mounts it to your TV, then check out these options by SANUS:

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