Bayswater – Shop Arranged TV Mount Gone Wrong

It’s one after the other…

This is a 75” Sony TV in Bayswater that was mounted by arrangement through the shop where it was purchased.

Throw in an over-priced poor TV bracket and 2x $75 HDMI cables, plus the install fee and it’s still a shocker!

Sony 75” TV in a bayswater home looking very untidy
Sony 75” TV upon my arrival looking very untidy.

This one actually cost more than what the job was worth and it still needed to removed and refitted afterwards.

The shop installer had arrived and said that he would only do the bracket!

Anyway, I refitted the TV and now it’s mounted on the wall as it should be, safely and neatly.

New bracket and cables being installed correctly
Cables tidied up around the existing TV bracket.
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Sony 75” now mounted correctly... happy TV and customer!
Sony 75” now wall mounted correctly… happy TV and customer!

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