Freeview Plus explained – What you need to know (Part 2)

Updated March 2022.

If you need to catch up on what the basic Freeview TV is, read Part 1 of this post. Freeview Plus boasts that it will change the way which viewers experience television. Is it true?

What is the difference between Freeview TV and Freeview Plus?

The difference is simply some free additional features that are enabled by being connected to the internet. Nowadays, this is very common with many people having smart TVs and devices. The extra features allow for more personalisation and freedom of viewing.

However, please remember that you will still need to pay for the data you use via your own internet plan when watching shows and using the App.

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Freeview Plus provides additional services such as:

Recording shows via Freeview Plus enabled set top boxes

You don’t have to miss out on your favourite shows anymore, simply set it up to record, and you can watch the show later on, whenever it suits you!

Catch up services from broadcaster Apps

Simply hit the red button to access the TV guide and select the show you want to catch-up on. This will then direct you to the relevant broadcaster’s App to watch the episode.

TV guide features

The extra feature here allows the user to not only see what’s coming up and see what has played previously, but to also keep watching their show whilst looking at the guide. It also has an enabled search functionality which allows users to find a specific show.


The My TV feature lives up to its name by allowing the user to select favourite shows and have their own personalised screen, showing what’s coming up and what they may have missed. You can also set reminders so you don’t miss any shows you’ve had your eye on! Freeview Plus will even recommend shows to you which you may enjoy, based on shows you have previously watched or selected as your favourite.

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Using Freeview Plus

These extra services allow users to never miss their favourite TV shows again with the catch-up services, personalisation, and recording features. You may have even seen the advertisements on TV advertising the Freeview and Freeview Plus Apps, titled “Keeping up with the Freeman’s”, showing a family enjoying the many features available to them.

Remember, to use Freeview Plus all you need is a High Definition (HD) TV or set top box. You’ll be able to receive all Freeview TV channels automatically. You can download the App for mobile devices if you prefer and simply cast up to your TV screen to view shows. In some cases, you may need to purchase a Chromecast dongle or Apple TV to cast to the HD TV screen.

For more information on Freeview Plus, visit the Freeview website.

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