Best TV Streaming Sites For Perth WA (2020)

Streaming movies and TV shows via the internet to your TV, phone, laptop or computer has become so popular it’s pretty well the norm nowadays.

best tv streaming sites

TV stations are struggling to compete in some ways as viewers enjoy the freedom to watch what they like, when they like and all ad free!

Just pay a monthly subscription fee and you are part of the movement.

First up, here are some features that all streaming sites now offer so we’ll list them straight away…

Features Provided By All Streaming Services

  • Can view on phone, tablet, laptop & TV
  • Download and watch offline
  • View in 4K and HDR (when available)

Best TV Streaming Sites

Here’s a roundup of the current media streaming providers in Australia with some key points about each one. Please note that if you’re viewing this article some time in the future (its now 2020) then prices may well have changed.

one of the best tv streaming sites is Netflix


  • Most well known streaming service
  • Excellent catalogue of movies, TV shows & documentaries
  • Growing list of Netflix original programs
  • Easy to use interface
  • Create up to 5 profiles on single account (everyone’s preferences are segmented nicely)
  • Your chosen subscription determines how many devices can watch Netflix at the same time
  • Good recommendations system
  • Between $9.99 and $19.99 a month

stan logo


  • Australian streaming service provider
  • Lots of good movies, TV shows & documentaries
  • Offers best range of Australian content
  • Good interface
  • Between $10 and $17 a month

amazon prime video logo

Amazon Prime Video

  • Included as part of Amazon Prime membership
  • Includes Amazon shopping benefits like free shipping, some access to Prime Music and Prime Reading
  • Great range of movies, TV shows & documentaries
  • Some good original programming
  • Requires Amazon Fire Stick (dongle) to view on some TVs
  • Can now cast from your device to any TV
  • Great value at $6.99 a month

disney+ logo


apple tv+ logo

Apple TV+

    • Became available in Australia in Nov 2019
    • Currently not so many movies, TV shows or documentaries to watch
    • New Apple originals will be added each month
    • With Apple’s customer base and marketing, has the potential to become very big
    • Can share subscription with 5 other family members
    • Viewing is available on Apple devices via the Apple TV app (Android devices via chrome browser)
    • To watch on your TV, you need an Apple TV box
    • $7.99 a month</a

    foxtel now logo

    Foxtel Now

    • Streaming service that’s different to Foxtel’s traditional satellite/cable service
    • Offers movies, tv shows, sports events, live TV & news
    • Ability buy different content genres in Packs
    • Not to be confused with the Foxtel Go app that’s for satellite/cable customers only
    • From $25 a month


    • Totally dedicated to sports
    • Watch sports events not broadcast on local TV
    • Coverage of over 50 sports
    • Live and on demand
    • No score spoilers
    • Excellent interface and user experience
    • $25 and $35 a month

    Pro TV Perth & Joondalup

    We hope you find this overview of the current best device and TV streaming sites useful. They all have their pros and cons and it’s important to make the most suitable choice for you. Many people sign up for more than one service to cover what they and their family want to watch.

    Pro TV offers professional and affordable TV wall mounting and TV antenna installations around Perth and Joondalup. If you want it done right the first time, please get in touch.

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