Satellite Dish Installation in Guilderton

view access satellite dishes next to pro tv perth van

Satellite Dish Installation at Guilderton Holiday Park

A nice little trip out of town to the Guilderton Holiday Park at Moore River to replace some old tired Satellite dishes.

Many country areas only have a few TV channels to choose from so satellite TV can make a huge difference. The transmission of extra channels is enabled by a service called Viewer Access Satellite Television or VAST for short.

guilderton holiday park sign
Lovely place to stay.
old satellite dishes
Tired old satellite dishes that needed replacing.
satellite dish installation at guilderton holiday park
New satellite dish installation in progress.
view from roof of guilderton holiday park
Beautiful view from the roof out to where Moore River meets the ocean.
checking levels when installing satellite dish
Going for perfection so everything is level and secure.
fully installed satellite dish in guilderton
First of the satellite dishes to be fully installed.

Pro TV Perth & Joondalup

If you live in the country or an area with limited TV reception, please get in contact. Pro TV Perth can help you with a new satellite dish or TV antenna depending on your needs.

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