Kings Park – Wall Mounting 2 Samsung 75″ QLED TVs

two 75" samsung tvs wall mounted side by side

Wall Mounting 2 Samsung 75″ QLED TVs in Kings Park

This was a precision job to wall mount two 75” TVs side by side and make them appear like one panel. It required some careful measurement and tidy cabling skills to get the desired result. Premium SANUS Advanced Tilt brackets were used.

Box of Samsung Q60A 75" TV
About to unbox one of the Samsung Q60A 75″ TVs.
Two Sanus Advanced Tilt TV brackets in their boxes.
Two Sanus Advanced Tilt TV brackets.
2 sanus brackets for mounting two tvs next to each other
Had to break out the big spirit level for this one!
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setting up the cabling for mounting two tvs in kings park office
Setting up the cabling for mounting the two TVs.
two large tvs mounted next to each other in kings park office.
Job done!

Samsung 75″ Q60A QLED TV

The Samsung Q60A 75″ QLED TV is a 4K UHD television with quantum dot technology and a variety of features. It has an ultra-thin profile and its sleek design is accentuated by the minimalistic aluminum accents.

It was created with the intention of delivering the most realistic colors possible, making it perfect for gamers and movie enthusiasts alike. This TV has a refresh rate of 120Hz, 400 nits peak brightness and anti-reflective screen coating to ensure that colors don’t distort when lighting changes.

When it comes to picture quality, this is one of the highest-performing TVs on the market today. It offers excellent performance in all areas including its ability to display 4K HDR content with an ultra-wide range of colors.

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