Claremont – Installing the Amazing SANUS VLT7 TV Mount

sanus vlt7 bracket box next to TV

SANUS VLT7 Advanced Tilt 4D TV Bracket

The SANUS VLT7 brackets are simply fantastic and perfect for the large and XL TVs.

  • Allows the TV be pulled out for easy access.
  • Easy tilting on the largest of TVs.
  • The TV can be angled left and right up to 15 degrees.
  • Perfect for most TVs in the 65”-85” range.

These images show a 85” Sony TV fitted on a gyprock wall in an apartment in Claremont using the VLT7.

Check out the price for SANUS VLT7 supply & installation.

closeup of sanus vlt7 box
Love how these wall mount brackets extend and tilt so easily.
sanus vlt7 advanced features sticker on the box
Check out the advanced features.
the sanus advanced tilt 4d bracket fitted to the back a TV
After fitting the advanced tilt 4d bracket to the back the TV.
the sanus advanced tilt bracket extended on the back of a TV
The bracket extends right out and tilts in four directions.
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mounting bracket fixed to the wall prior to hanging the TV
After installing the mounting bracket on the wall. Secure and neat.
side view of mounted TV that shows how close it is to the wall
It has a very slim profile against the wall.
a newly mounted TV in Claremont
The newly mounted TV that can extend and tilt 4 ways.

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If you have a larger TV and are looking for a versatile premium TV wall mount, you can’t go wrong with the SANUS VLT7. Check out the pricing & info and get in touch with any questions.

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