Mullaloo – Another Dodgy TV Antenna Scam

Caution another dodgy TV antenna scam, this time in Mullaloo

Meanwhile in Mullaloo!

A resident in Mullaloo has poor TV reception and calls a subcontractor business out who offers free quotes.

Mr dodgy installer arrives and says “Your roof is a bit awkward mate but I can do it for $1000”. No mention of why that price, it was just $1K! The resident feels unsure and says they will think about it.

Next day

The dodgy installer calls again and says, “Do you want it done or not? I can do it for $900.”

And the following day

Another call, “Listen mate, I have one spare slot on Friday, I can do it for $750 and I will chuck in a storm proof antenna rated to 150km winds!”

Thankfully the customer smelt a rat and respectfully declined.

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