Swan View – 86″ LG TV Wall Mounting

a new 86” LG TV I mounted in Swan View.

TV wall mount Swan View…

With plenty of wall mounting this week this TV has to be the star of the show!

The job

Remove a Samsung 58” plasma TV fitted only about a year ago by Pro TV and fit this beast, a new 86” LG TV with a new Samsung soundbar!

A breeze to change over

Oh, and as Pro TV supplies and fits all the right gear in the first place this TV was a breeze to change over and didn’t actually cost much to fit. Our customer in Swan View was very pleased.

mid way through mounting an 86" LG TV

Brand new 86" LG TV beautifully mounted on the wall at a home in Swan View.

Pro TV Perth & Joondalup

When only the best will do contact James at Pro TV Perth and it’s job done!

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