Wanneroo – Another Victim Of TV Antenna Con Artists

TV antenna con artists in Wanneroo

Wanneroo TV antenna scam

Similar to previous antenna fails this week, this time in Wanneroo. A customer searches Google for a local TV antenna installation expert and unfortunately gets a sub-contractor business who come around almost immediately. They provide a cheap quote and install a dodgy TV antenna copy!

Dodgy antenna is fitted and guess what?

More TV reception hassles!

When contacted, the installer is very confused and is quick to blame electrical interference on the issue saying it’s nothing to do with the reception or him.

Don’t worry he says, I know a mate who happens to be an electrician and is an expert at this this sort of stuff, he can sort this out for you as it’s beyond me.

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More problems

The 2nd part of the double act arrives, plays with the picture settings on the TV and puts a ferrite ring around the power lead. He then gets paid in cash and leaves, never to be seen again. He even ignores calls and text afterwards as nothing is resolved!

So what is the problem?

Apart from being ripped off with a cheap copy antenna, the TV reception was too weak. The installer had left it with levels of only 42db-48db at the points within the house. The correct levels should always be 55db-75db at the point. TV signals over 50db+ are generally okay but you can lose 3-4db when the weather is wet.

Digital cliff edge

Never leave them under 50db as 45db is the threshold of most TVs and tuners and this is known as the “Digital Cliff Edge” hence why many people often complain of loss of signal when the weather is bad, or certain channels drop out as they aren’t receiving the 55db+ on all channels at each TV within the house.

What should have been done

So in this case a better high gain antenna should have been fitted in the first place, and the house did need a booster as the starting signal at the rooftop was insufficient to run the 5 points in the house.

Pro TV gets the call

I fitted a Black Arrow TV antenna and booster kit, did a full check and now everything is operating at 100%! Check out our TV antenna prices.

Another example of be careful who you choose!

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