How to Set Up TV Parental Lock

TV parental lock set up so child's viewing is controlled

TV Parental Lock

It seems like all children in today’s world are tech-savvy. But as a parent, are you worried about what your children might watch on the television when you are not there? Well, perhaps it is time to learn how to set up the TV parental lock control on your television.

Key Points:

  • Modern TVs on the market now have a parental lock function. But, you should check the product manual that you received with your TV to make sure. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer to check that the model of TV has this feature.
  • To begin setting up the parental lock, you will use the remote and click on the Menu or Set-Up button.
  • Look out for the Parental Lock option on your TV menu.
  • Parental locks work by creating a PIN, which is normally a four-digit number. So, you should choose a number combination that you can remember or write down somewhere secure. Usually, you will have to use the default PIN that is chosen by the manufacturer to begin with, then you can enter your new and personal PIN.
  • You can customise your parental lock settings. This means blocking particular channels you don’t want your kids watching or even certain content and classification levels.
  • After you have set-up your parental lock, you can confirm your settings and exit the menu.
  • You may have to switch your TV off and back on for the new parental lock settings to work.
  • Now when you want to access and view the blocked channels or content, you will have to enter the PIN that you created.
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