Digital vs Analog TV Antennas

digital vs analog tv antennas in perth, western australia

Digital vs Analog TV Antennas.

Everyone wants perfect picture quality on their television so that you can watch movies and television programs without any disruption. This prompts many people to find out more about the difference between digital vs analog TV antennas.

So, let’s find out!

There is no such thing as an analog antenna or a digital antenna, it comes down to the available broadcasts and the frequencies the antenna is picking up from the local tower.

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Key Points:

Analog antennas

The older type antennas with the larger elements, and often referred to as an “analog antenna”, were best suited for the frequencies used before the digital switchover. These still work in most cases but they are not optimised for the new frequencies used for digital transmissions and they will give you a much lower signal pickup versus the newer models.

Digital antennas

Newer antennas, often referred to as a “digital antenna”, are much smaller than the predecessors and are correct size for the new frequencies used for digital transmissions. These will give you a much stronger signal pick up with an improved CNR (carrier to noise ratio) and BER (bit error rates) which will give you a much more stable and reliable TV reception.

  • The newer digital antennas are designed to pick up the new frequencies used for the digital broadcasts and are much better than the older analog antennas.
  • In 2013, the analog broadcast ceased and now only digital channels are available.
  • Older analog antennas are not optimised for the new frequencies.
  • The placement of your antenna, as well as its orientation, plays a big part in receiving the strongest signal and best picture quality. This is particularly important for digital antennas so as to maximise their performance.
  • If your old antenna has corrosion or physical damage, this will affect the signal quality and it is better to replace it.
  • Some digital antennas have built in 4G filter which can assist keeping the signal spectrum clean, which can help lower the noise that can disrupt programming.
  • Many analog antennas have been on rooftops for a long time and are in a state of disrepair due the weather, they are also often still connected to old cables and plastic splitters in the loft which means the signal coming into the property can always be improved.

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