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Hi, folks! James, the Pro TV man here. You may be experiencing poor TV reception or perhaps you’re looking for an antenna for your new house. Either way, learn about TV antennas by watching the video or reading the info below. This will ensure you get the antenna you need at a great price! And avoid being duped into buying a low grade copy.

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About TV Antennas

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Local Antenna Stats for Perth

I can tell you, about 80% of the installations in faults and services that I go to are standard so normally, what’s on the website is what you pay. My price is already there.

I personally find about 10% of properties across the board actually need boosters and amplifiers. Some of the houses have already got them or some houses need them but generally speaking it’s about 10%.

I also find that roughly about 20% of houses are classed as non-standard. These are usually much larger properties or steep roofs, tricky loft spaces, all that sort of stuff.


I can also tell you, that around about 60% of houses now in Perth, especially around the new suburbs, have actually got very poor grade copy type antennas imported from overseas.

They are very poor quality and I’m already out and about replacing these because people are having reception issues. They’ve got rust on the roof, they are falling off the roof, they are facing the wrong way, and in some cases, even the completely wrong antenna for the location.

Sending an Enquiry

It’s my full-time job to help you with these inquiries but throughout the year, I get hundreds of people on texts or emails asking me how much it is for an antenna or how much to fix an antenna. And based on that, I’ve got absolutely no idea to be honest.

So if you are going to make an inquiry, I need to know your suburb and I need to know your property type, is it a single story or double story or do you have a tin roof, or is it a commercial unit and all those sorts of things.

If you are reaching out on text, message or email, always try and include that basic information with your inquiry. Get in touch.

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Get the best TV signal Perth has to offer! See our TV antenna installation prices and information.

TV Transmitters in Perth

The Kalamunda Towers cover most of Perth but you do get a few problem spots and this is why there are relays around nowadays. So there are three relays for Perth metro area, one is the Bankwest Tower in the CBD, this covers the western suburbs, north, south type of Perth. You’ve got a bit of an option on where you get your TV reception from.

There’s also a relay in Scarborough, on the observation rise. And there’s also the water towers at Two Rocks. They cover some of these coastal areas and places that are a little bit patchy. Households have now got an option B as to where they’re getting TV reception from.

Find out more about Perth transmitter frequencies.

Digital TV Antennas

Right folks, the exciting world of digital TV antennas is next. Now you’ll notice on my website that I only sell three brands. There’s not a huge choice. There are not endless choices on price and that sort of stuff because generally speaking in the Perth metro area, it’s actually not required so I stick to three really good TV reception brands, no gray imports.

Fracarro Log TV Antennas

Now, the first one would be the Fracarro. It’s a log antenna so VHF-UHF combination type antenna. Fracarro has been in business now for 85 years so it’s a really good product and they do work well in most areas of Perth.

Fracarro Log TV Antenna installed on a home in Perth

Lots of new suburbs around Perth that are on the eastern fringes and south and northeast are generally quite good for TV reception so the Fracarro antenna is a perfect choice for those areas.

Hills Antennas

Hills TV antennas, guys, everybody knows Hills, don’t they? They’re iconic Australian brand. They’ve been making washing lines since the 1940s and they’ve also been heavily involved in TV reception.

They make a really good product and it’s made here in Australia. They come with longer warranties. And what Hills have actually done is develop an antenna which is just for the capital cities or for the main transmitters so they all operate on the same frequency band. So their antennas are very much focused on that channel group.

Hills Black Arrow Antenna

The bigger brother is called the Hills Black Arrow. That’s my bestseller. It has got a powder-coated paint job so it’s perfect for houses near the coast and it’s also largest. It’s a high gain model so it picks up extra signal, more signal from your rooftop, and that can actually be quite beneficial in many locations. They typically give you about 3 or 4 decibel extra for the Black Arrow versus the medium gain types like the Silver Dart and the Fracarro.

about TV antennas particularly the Hills Black Arrow antenna

Now, Hills antennas come out the factory with a 5-year warranty which is actually very good. I mean the antennas are made of aluminum. They got plastic on them. They are not meant to last a lifetime on the rooftop. They never do. But I actually drive around Perth taking Hills antennas off the roofs and some of them are 25, 30 years old and they are still intact. So it’s a very, very good product.

More About Hills Antennas

I’ve also put a video blog up and it’s all about the Hills Factory, the processes, their design, their development, and that sort of stuff. So if you are a little bit more interested in the Hills product, see that blog post here.

Quality TV Antenna Installation at a Fair Price

I’m a firm believer in quality installation at fair price and that’s really what the trade should be about. It’s a service-based business and it’s not about selling you something cheap or quick. It’s about doing something right for the houses. It’s what’s going on the roof that really counts and who is coming out to do it.

And as always with Pro TV, guys, Monday to Saturday type of service. Make sure you check our Facebook, Google if you’re interested in reviews. There are thousands of photographs available online. I want you to know where you are and what you are after. I can help you out a little bit more.

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