Getting Your Antenna Or TV Installed

Hi folks. My name is James. I’m the owner/operator of Pro TV Perth. It’s very important in this online world nowadays to know who’s answering your inquiries and who’s going to be coming into your house. So today we’re going to cover just some basic FAQ type things and common concerns that routinely crop up.

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Getting Your Antenna or TV Installed

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Is Pro TV Local?

Yes, it is guys. It’s 100 percent local Perth-based team effort. I personally deal with all my inquiries, do all the jobs myself, no third parties on my behalf. My wife deals with all the accounting and invoicing and my website is made in Perth and all the ongoing website maintenance work is done in Perth to make sure I show up on Google and always look very polished.

Are You Part of a Group?

No, I’m not guys. I’m not part of a franchise group. I don’t work on behalf of subcontractor type businesses throughout Perth. I’m 100 percent independent and locally owned. I don’t show up on job apps. I don’t chase customers for quotes, that sort of stuff. I’m on Google, Facebook and I get a lot of work through recommendations and existing customers and repeat business.

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Have You Been In This Business Long?

A long time folks. It’s now 28 years and I’ve been self-employed for nearly 20 years and I’m very proud of that. It’s a lot of hard work. Now you can only stay busy in this trade if you’re offering good customer service, sensible, honest pricing and a good product.

How Busy Are You?

Last year alone, it was around 700 jobs, over 800 installations, 25,000 kms and literally thousands and upon thousands of correspondents for inquiries. So it can quickly add up.

Enquiries, Bookings and Locations?

It’s my fulltime job to help you with these inquiries. It can be a little bit tricky in the online world but it’s my fulltime job. It’s something I’ve always done. Once I know where you are and what you’re after, I can help you out and get you booked in much quicker.

I generally work Monday to Saturday, north and south areas. Around about a 45-50 minute radius around Joondalup is fine. You can contact me via the website 24/7, ring me Monday to Saturday 7:00 until 7:00. Get in touch.

If you prefer to text or use Facebook and messenger and that sort of stuff, it’s not a problem. Just tell me where you are, what you’re after and then I will help you out a little bit more.

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Websites, Social Proof and Reviews?

Some of the local websites can be pretty shocking to be honest. I look around quite often because I’m on Google. So I check around and see what’s happening.

One I saw recently was advertising, tuning in VCRs with the digital switchover, even oven repairs and this is actually on an antenna website, so really, really poor what’s out there. And add in all these directories now and job apps, you’re never really sure who you’re talking to and who’s going to come out to the house.

So social proof, very, very important. Have a good look on Facebook and Instagram. You will find Pro TV on there. You will see thousands of photographs and a lot of reviews on Google and Facebook. So it’s very, very important.

Professional, Reliable and Affordable

I genuinely hope this helps you. If you are interested in TV antennas, click the link and you will find a short video explaining a few tips and pros about antennas.

And if you’re interested in the TV wall mounting, you can pop over to the TV installation page and you will find a full demonstration installation video.

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If you have any questions or want to quickly replace your TV antenna or get your TV mounted securely, please get in touch today!

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