Noranda TV Wall Mounting Fail

It’s a cracker!

A customer was doing home renovations and wanted their big TV on the wall. As they had newly fitted cabinets below the TV mounting position, they were after a very clean and tidy look (i.e no cables and mess).

noranda tv mounting fail
BEFORE: Not a tidy TV mounting

What went wrong?

An electrician was called who puts the power and a TV point at the top of the wall and even popped the TV up on the wall for them. Great you may think?

Well not exactly, the TV is a 65” Samsung QLED with a One Connect box so the tuner/box is separate from the TV so One Connect box has to be at the bottom. Then factor in the misplaced points, the soundbar and PlayStation and all of a sudden everything is wrong.

Oh, and it’s a single brick wall so you can’t hide cables!

How did I fix it…

Purely by chance and good luck there happened to be a cupboard on the opposite side of the TV, this allowed for some creative cabling so a cable punch through installation saved the day!

Removal, rewire, refit

3+ hours later and this Noranda TV wall mounting job is looking good!

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Before: cables everywhere
BEFORE: Cables everywhere
installing new bracket
FIXING THE MESS: Installing new bracket
securing the back of the TV
FIXING THE MESS: Securing the back of the TV
neat & tidy mounted TV
AFTER: Neat & tidy mounted TV
secure TV installation with no cables in sight!
AFTER: Secure TV installation with no cables in sight!
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