The New 8K TV

new samsung 8K TV

The new 8K TV

Imagine your TV being so sensationally clear that you feel as if you can almost reach inside it. You might be thinking ‘what could be clearer than a 4K TV?’ Well, it’s something that many big TV companies are working on and it’s called the 8K TV.

What is an 8K TV?

Made up of 7,680 pixels horizontally and 4,320 pixels vertically, 8K TV is the clearest TV picture you’re currently able to watch anywhere and it’s sure to provide you with a spectacular viewing experience.

8K TV screens pack a whopping 33 million pixels which equates to a 33-megapixel image! Some refer to these TVs as Ultra HD 8K whereas NHK in Japan has branded them 8K Super Hi-Vision. See TV screen resolution guide.

Many big TV companies, such as LG and Hisense, are starting to produce these amazing and futuristic TVs. They say that you should expect to start seeing 8K TVs being sold at retailers from the end of 2018 and sales to pick up speed throughout 2019.

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8K content

The reality is that there’s hardly any 8K movies or programs to watch right now. That said, some Hollywood directors have started producing 8K content and this will increase as these TVs become more popular and affordable for everyone.

Also, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be filmed and broadcast in 8K in Japan so this will also help set a precedent.

In the meantime, however, all current 4K and HD TV programs can be viewed normally on an 8K TV with the help of advanced upscaling processors.

Do I really need one?

Given the currently expensive price tag and lack of real 8K content, the honest answer is that your HD or 4K TV should be fine for the foreseeable future. As technology improves and more 8K programs are produced its likely prices will drop and provide you with more reasons to buy one.

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