Edgewater – TV Antenna Installation Horror Story

TV antenna installation horror story in Edgewater


This time it’s in Edgewater and a customer with poor TV reception does a quick Google search and ends up with a local crew claiming to be based in Joondalup.

Customer gets quoted $220 for an Auslog digital HD antenna upgrade and told they will be around later that day. Great you may think!

The dodgy operator begins the scam

Mr dodgy installer then arrives and says sorry to the customer and that the office have misquoted you, the Auslog won’t be any good for the location.

He then proceeds to wave another antenna around saying, “this is the best one but they are $450 including the callout and fitting etc”. And no, that’s not a typo, it’s now gone from $220 to $450!

Fits a cheap unbranded copy antenna

To make matters even worse the installer then only fits the Auslog type antenna anyway. And it’s another cheap copy unbranded antenna only really worth around $10 to $15.

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It gets worse

The customer somehow agreed to it anyway and then the antenna was placed on the existing mast with around 3 metre cable and reconnected, then drives away with the $450. The customer’s TV reception is now even worse on some channels than it was before, numerous complaint calls later and they are back.

The scam continues

They say, “Well it’s not the antenna as it’s a new one, so you must need a booster and an additional check inside the house.” The booster was then fitted and 1 x wall plate changed, guess what? Another bill for $410 and now it’s $850 over 2 visits and about a week of hassle.

Still not right

They never checked for the correct levels on all frequencies at the existing location and that they were sufficient to run the 3 points within the house, so it was never in a good enough location to start with and boosting it only made it worse!

A nasty sales trick

I have heard this sales trick before in Perth from other customers, usually its $50 or even $90, they play the same trick with coastal antennas and charge more but only ever use the same cheap one anyway… very shady!


Pro TV then gets recommended on the local FB page… Pro TV gets a call. A quick visit to Edgewater, with a proper test in the house and on the roof.

The Pro TV fix

A better antenna in a new location, only about 4 metres away and reconnect, all fixed within an hour! That’s right all done correctly in 1 hour!

Pro TV Perth & Joondalup

Be careful on who you choose folks! This scam was in Edgewater but it’s going on all over Perth. Get in touch today.

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