Classic DIY TV Wall Mount ‘Refit’ in Bayswater

Despite the customer’s best efforts, which took several hours to fit, this is a classic DIY TV wall mount (one of many I see every month). It’s a very good example as to why it’s simply not worth it.

What was done wrong?

❌ Slimline bracket was used and with existing outlets behind the TV position, there was not enough space for the TV to be mounted level and not secured πŸ™ˆ
❌ TV at the wrong height and wobbled when touched.
❌ Didn’t have the right cables and accessories to hand to sort out the cable properly, leaving it a little messy and not connected properly.

Pro TV to the rescue!!

βœ… Remove and start again.
βœ… Fit correct bracket to suit the TV and the space required behind the TV.
βœ… Rewire the existing conduits for best.
βœ… Also cable and fit a new Jamo soundbar!

DIY wall mounting is never a good idea. πŸ™ˆ

Professional | Reliable | Affordable

When only the best will do contact James at Pro TV and it’s job done!

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diy tv wall mount in bayswater
On Arrival.
Remove TV and existing kit, fit new bracket.
Removed TV and existing kit, fitted new bracket.

Cables and preparation done.
Cables and preparation done.
Completed TV wall mount in Bayswater.
One very happy Gingerbread man! And customer!!

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