Hillarys TV Antenna Fail

Be careful who you choose to install your TV antenna folks! Here’s another classic antenna fail!

What was done wrong?

A customer in Hillarys had poor TV reception and somehow ended up with a local electrician who advertises for antenna services.

  • Electrician charges $230.00 and fits the wrong antenna.
  • He fits an UHF and not a VHF antenna.
  • Customer complains as the reception is still poor.
  • He comes back and charges $190.00 (cash only now) for a booster claiming that will help with the signal levels.
  • More complaints, back again for $80.00 (cash only still) and tells the customer he has old cables and it’s nothing to do with the antenna or him, and is now rude and abrupt with home owner!! ????

Here’s what I did…

  • Replaced antenna with a Hills Silver Dart.
  • Removed booster as not required.
  • Tuned and tested 3 TVs, now all 100%
  • 50 minute job and very straight forward.

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New Hills Silver Dart Antenna Correctly Installed in Hillarys
New Hills Silver Dart antenna correctly installed in Hillarys
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