TV Wall Mounting At AB Realty Wanneroo

Another master class in TV wall mounting, this time at AB Realty in Wanneroo. The challenge was to make a big 75” TV fit in a gap, that it wouldn’t really fit into!

wanneroo tv wall mounting job at ab realty

TV Wall Mounting in Wanneroo

AB Realty in Wanneroo had a failing TV display in a shop window. They bought a new 75” TV and then thought…

  • How is this going to fit?
  • And what about the poles and the bracket?

The solution… contact James at Pro TV and it’s job done.

Sanus Expandable Bracket

One very large XL Sanus expandable bracket was needed to bridge the gap between the existing upright poles. Sanus offer high quality TV brackets with added strength, maneuverability and high end finish.

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Custom Fitting

I then moved and refitted the poles to get the TV on the window side, added some u bolts, did some pinpoint measurements and 3 hours later it was all done!

getting ready to mount tv in commercial shop front
large XL Sanus expandable bracket
rear view of tv mounted on sanus expandable bracket
tv wall mount at ab realty in wanneroo

Pro TV Perth & Joondalup

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