Tapping – $400 And Still Poor TV Reception

It keeps happening!

This time in Tapping, Wanneroo. A customer was experiencing poor TV reception and eventually frustrated with it, searches Google and finds a so called local expert!

$400 for an extension pole and still had bad reception!
Dodgy installer charged $400 for an extension pole and the customer still had poor reception!

Beware of the rates

The dodgy TV antenna installer arrives onsite for only $75 (great you may think) but what they don’t say and they didn’t ask is that this only covers 20 minutes then it’s $50 per 20 minutes thereafter! So $175 for the 1st hour!

Quick check and bad advice

The installer then proceeds to check on the roof and tells the customer they need an extension pole on their existing antenna to improve levels, but he doesn’t have one so he will be back.

Wrong solution

The installer is back with a 1.2m regular extension pole/mast but the TV reception is still no different or better so the problem is never resolved.

Now it’s the customer’s fault

He tells the customer you don’t have any decent signals on the roof top in Tapping and you must report it to the ACMA.

Still poor TV reception with $400 bill

So 2 visits and a pole….$400 and we can’t help you!

Pro TV hears about it

I heard about this and told the customer I would check for myself as this sounded a little fishy!

Now they have perfect TV reception

The end result…. a new UHF antenna facing to the transmitter at Two Rocks, a dedicated UHF Pre-Amp and away you go, the house has now got perfect TV reception.

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A new UHF TV antenna facing to the transmitter at Two Rocks with a dedicated UHF Pre-Amp.
A new UHF TV antenna facing to the transmitter at Two Rocks with a dedicated UHF Pre-Amp.

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Be careful who you choose folks! This type of scam happens a lot all over Perth. To avoid all this, please check our TV antenna prices and info and get in touch.

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