Yokine TV Antenna Installation – Classic Fail!

The antenna in Yokine is randomly facing to nowhere
The antenna closest in the picture is randomly facing to nowhere!

Yokine TV Antenna Installation Fail

Yet another fix up job… this time in Yokine.

Perths Dodgy Antenna Brigade Strikes Again!

And the common theme is cheap antennas, poor installations, absolutely zero knowledge…. Oh and ripping off the Perth seniors 🤬 not cool!!

Poor Yokine Customer

❌ $10 Chinese cheap copy antenna fitted, which already had water ingress into the cable after only 12 months, sold to her for $280.
❌ Not even facing the right way.
❌ Still got poor reception, sold her an extension pole she didn’t need, more $$.
❌ Still poor, sold her a booster kit that was required, more $$$.
❌ Still poor, wont come back, “it must be the trees” 🙈

Pro TV And All Sorted

✅ Removed all of the above and fitted a Hills Silver Dart with a new roof cable and tested. All fixed!

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New Hills antenna, new roof cable on a house in Yokine.
Hills Silver Dart and new roof cable and fixed!
pro tv perth van
Fully loaded van and comes with a good operator!!

Pro TV Perth & Joondalup

Unfortunately, some operators take advantage of people who can’t get check their work. Rest assured that when you choose Pro TV for your TV antenna installation it will be top quality with service to match. Our promise!

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