TV Antenna Installation Connolly

Fracarro Log TV Antenna Installation Connolly

3 Fracarro Log TV Antennas Installed In Connolly

A short commute to work this morning with more site works for a building contractor, this time in the Pro TV home suburb of Connolly!

Installation perfection strikes again with 3 x Fracarro Log antenna installs for new 2 story houses in Pine Valley Pass! Then straight down to City beach for an electrical contractor for another new house!!

Pro TV Perth & Joondalup

If you’re a building or electrical contractor and need a top notch TV antenna installation on your next project get in touch with James at Pro TV and it’s job done.
Mon-Sat 7am-7pm.

building site in Connolly and our site for installing the new Fracarro TV antennas

the Pro TV Perth van on-site in Connolly next to Joondalup

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