Quinns Rocks – 86″ TV Mounted Over Wall Recess

86" lg tv mounted in a wall recess in quinns rocks home

86″ TV Mounted Over Wall Recess of Quinns Rocks Home

Recessed TV, what recess? Pro TV to the rescue again!

This is a classic example of why recessed TVs are not always a good idea. TVs continue to get bigger every year and nobody wants to buy one of the same size or smaller, they just don’t.

The solution is to mount the TV using a strong bracket that extends beyond the confines of the recess. That way, your TV size isn’t governed by the width of your wall recess.

This LG 86” TV was mounted using a premium XL cantilever from SANUS, that extends out to bridge the gap behind the TV.

Summary of the job

  • LG 86” TV mounted over the wall recess of this Quinns Rocks home.
  • Fitting using a premium SANUS VLF730 bracket that holds 79kg.
  • Bracket extends out by 76cm, allowing easy access behind TV.
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preparing to mount tv in the wall recess
Preparing to mount the TV over the wall recess.
sanus xl cantilever tv bracket mounted in the wall recess
SANUS XL cantilever TV bracket mounted and ready in the wall recess.
86" lg tv mounted using sanus bracket in quinns rocks house
86″ LG TV mounted perfectly.

Pro TV Perth

There’s not much I haven’t seen or done when mounting TVs around Perth. If you’re looking to get your TV wall mounted by a true professional with years of experience, please contact me to book in your preferred time. I will personally quote and do the installation.

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