Greenmount – Fixing Another TV Antenna Fail

broken antenna on roof in greenmount

TV Antenna Fail in Greenmount

Another mighty fine example of being careful about who you choose folks. This very poor antenna job in Greenmount was only done 3 years ago by a well known franchise business.

What went wrong?

❌ Cheap antenna fitted on an existing tall pole that was already very rusty and old.
❌ Left a coax cable that was perished and cracked.
❌ Had poor reception even before the guy-wires failed.

The fix?

✅ Rooftop testing done, no tall pole needed.
✅ New quality antenna fitted on correct mount with a new cable and reconnect.

I have attended a lot of these jobs recently and from what I can see it’s just plain lazy with no care taken at all. Ironically they charge as much as possible and never come back.

broken tv antenna cable
What can you say?
broken cable cover showing exposed wires
A professional TV antenna technician would never use cables like these.
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new black arrow tv antenna on roof in greenmount
New Black Arrow tv antenna installed.
black arrow tv aerial on house in darling range near perth
The new antenna is securely installed and positioned to get the best signal for the location.

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Unfortunately, dodgy installers know that most people will never get up on the roof to check their shoddy work. And to make it worse, they are also notorious for not being accountable and fixing their mess.

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