Yokine – TV Mounted With Punch Through Cabling

When the ‘opposite’ side of your internal wall is a garage, storage room or wardrobe etc, then the cable punch through method is perfect. This means that the cabling for your mounted TV isn’t visible on the TV side of the wall, but is visible on the opposite side where the look of the cables is not a problem (see image below).

The cables are visible on garage side of the wall where this isn’t an aesthetic concern.
The cabling on the TV side of the wall passes through to the garage.
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Home in Yokine with newly wall mounted TV.
Newly wall mounted TV in Yokine using the punch through cable solution.

As the internal wall of this Yokine home backed onto their garage, the cable punch through method was the perfect solution for them.

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Depending on your home and where you’d like your TV mounted, their are 4 cabling options:

Don’t worry though as I can easily identify which cabling option you need. This information is just to make you aware of the different scenarios and costs. Get in touch.

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