Why a TV wall mounting installation is an absolute must when toddlers are about!

young child playing under a tv wall mounting installation

Safety and TV Wall Mounting

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ll likely have seen several stories about toddlers being hurt when climbing on household furniture.

Parents Nightmare

It was just late last year when a video of a toddler pulling his twin brother from underneath a fallen chest of drawers took YouTube by storm.

The twins were climbing the drawers when it fell under their combined weight, throwing one clear, but trapping the other underneath. Thankfully, the trapped toddler was pulled free by his heroic sibling and was unharmed. You can see the entire terrifying event in this ABC News Article.

However, not all toddlers in similar circumstances have been as lucky. In 2013, a two-year-old girl was crushed by a 37-inch television in Perth and did not survive her injuries. During the inquest into the incident that took place in 2016, the mother of the child indicated that she did not perceive the television as a threat because it was “not particularly heavy”. Having seen the damaged caused however, the mother urged people to either put their TVs on the wall or use approved straps. (ABC News, 2016)

Such An Easy Fix

The point here is that if you are about to buy a new television, or already have one or more televisions in your home that are not properly secured, then take steps to fix this right now! The simple fact is that having your TV wall mounted is not expensive.

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When you consider just how easily even a small television can cause great harm when not secured, then getting yours professionally mounted for just a few hundred dollars is one of the best investments you’ll ever make! Not only will this give you piece of mind as a parent, it will help keep your toddlers safe when they go looking for mischief in the household setting.

Get It Done Right

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