What is a MicroLED TV?

microled tv technology by samsung
Samsung MicroLED TV Wall: Image by Samsung

What is a MicroLED TV?

MicroLED TV technology (not to be confused with mini-LED) is a recent advancement that could challenge OLED TVs in the near future for overall quality, price and availability.

Also known as mLED TVs, each pixel in the display has 3 microscopic LEDs which enables a very high resolution and contrast. In fact, they are one of the brightest and most colourful TVs on the market. Like OLED, MicroLED TVs can also produce true blacks, which are not possible with LCD screens.

The technology has been around for a while but until very recently standard LED lights were just too large for home TVs. This means that microLED technology is usually used for much larger commercial wall screens. For example, screens on the sides of buildings, in airports, conference rooms and so on.

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Advantages of MicroLED?

The main advantages of this type of screen are:

  • Ability to produce true blacks
  • High contrast and colourful
  • No input lag or other delays
  • High brightness levels
  • Lack of burn-in risk
  • Good at all viewing angles

Disadvantages of MicroLED

  • Currently still very expensive (in 2021)
  • Still not readily available in sub 85” screen size
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Should You Buy a MicroLED TV?

Given the current very high prices and screen size constraints for home use MicroLED TVs, it makes sense currently to buy an OLED TV instead. This may change fairly soon though as the technology becomes more mainstream for home use.

Just as the prices of OLED TVs have decreased dramatically over the last few years, it’s likely that the same will happen with MicroLED TVs as well.

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