Karrinyup – Sony 83” OLED XR TV Mounted with Sanus Bracket

Wall mounted Sony 83” OLED XR TV

Wall Mounting a Sony 83” OLED XR TV with Sanus Bracket

Everyone’s dream TV right here folks! This 83” TV was fitted in a recess which would have blocked the side view of the TV and make the install very tricky as it barely fitted in the gap.

The Sanus 730 XL cantilever bracket was used to allow the TV to be pulled forward providing access and tilt for full access and control of the TV and the viewing!

  • The Sony 83” OLED XR master series TV.
  • Sanus 730 XL cantilever bracket.
  • Cavity wall install, super tidy!
Sanus advanced full motion TV wall mount box
Sanus Advanced Full Motion TV Bracket.
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sanus advanced full motion bracket installed on the wall.
Tilts any way you like.
Wall mounted Sony 83” OLED XR TV
Tidily wall mounted and out of the way.

The 83″ OLED XR TV offers a 4K HDR experience with an exceptional contrast ratio, brightness, and colour. Mounting such large and expensive televisions should be done by a professional who can ensure safety and aesthetics. And you’ll be surprised how affordable it it is.

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