Epic TV Wall Mounting Fail By Marketplace “Expert”

epic tv wall mounting fail by marketplace expert
I see loads of very badly mounted TVs like this.

Epic TV Wall Mounting Fail

This is what happens when a TV wall mounting expert from Marketplace says he will fit any size TV for $150.

  • Mounted too high
  • Not safe
  • Cables everywhere
  • Looks terrible!
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Remounted Safely and Securely

epic tv wall mounting fail completely fixed with tidy cables and new soundbar
Full refit done and sorted with soundbar!

When someone has mounted a TV so badly there’s only one solution and that’s to start again. I used a quality TV bracket and ensured it was securely mounted to the wall at the correct height. Having your TV at optimal height really makes a difference to your comfort.

Next was keeping the cables tidy and safe. There are different cable options depending on your wall type and in this case placing the cables neatly in a conduit was the best way. With some walls, the cables can be completely hidden.

The final touch was mounting a soundbar under the TV for that cinema-like experience. This also meant no more wires all over the place to an array of old speakers and the sound is much better. Plus it looks slick too.

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These days it seems some people promise a lot and don’t really deliver. This was the case with the “expert” who made a quick buck and left an unsafe mess behind. Avoid the hassles of an epic TV wall mounting fail and get in contact. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our TV wall mounting prices and attention to detail.

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