Free-To-Air TV via HFC Cable Ends 1 June 2023!

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Attention Ellenbrook Residents

If you've received a letter from Telstra regarding this change, it means your address has been identified as having a HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) cable connection.

The HFC TV signal will be turned off on June 1st 2023, and to continue viewing free-to-air TV, you will need a TV antenna.

For several years, Telstra has been offering free-to-air service to Ellenbrook via HFC cable.

However, the network will soon be dedicated exclusively to home internet services, which means the transmission of the free-to-air TV signal will discontinue on 01 June 2023.

* This applies whether you are a Telstra customer or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residents who were sent a letter regarding this change were recognised as being within the affected area. The map provides an indication of the impacted area in Ellenbrook.

Ellenbrook HFC footprint

Yes, it will. Telstra has been providing the free-to-air TV signal to households in Ellenbrook through the HFC cable network, regardless of whether the recipients are Telstra customers or not.

Yes, if you want to watch free-to-air TV and are currently sourcing your signal from the HFC wall socket, you will need a TV antenna from 1 June 2023.

No, the free-to-air TV signals will be turned off at the exchange.  There won't be any need for a Telstra technician to access your home.

Pro TV Perth can ensure your Free-To-Air TV signal continues.

We supply and install quality TV Antennas in Ellenbrook.


from $ 289
  • Premium Log Antenna
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Supplied & Fitted Perfectly
  • European Made


from $ 379
  • Top Quality, High Gain
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Supplied & Fitted Perfectly
  • Australian Made

Standard Antenna Installations What's included?



Digital TV Antennas installed in & around Perth. 

Highest quality install for a great price including all brackets and cables. Greatly appreciated the professionalism and knowledge in getting the right solution for my house. Highly recommend!
Nic Lastman
Nic Lastman
I highly recommend this business.I was completely impressed with James' professionalism and customer service.Pricing was fair and transparent - definitely value for money.
A real Professional
Duncan Gibb
Duncan Gibb
Great service. Had our 65” OLED installed, looks mint. Would recommend.
Michael McCann
Michael McCann
James did an amazing job installing our large TV. He went above and beyond by hiding our cables in our wall cavity and giving me tips on the TV's operation. The communication prior to the visit was prompt and James was very knowledgeable with the best placement etc. A pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend Pro TV Perth.
Melissa Davies
Melissa Davies
James made the whole process from booking of the job to the final installation of the wall mounted TV unit so stress-free. Friendly, efficient, on-time and reasonably priced. Would highly recommended!
Ho Lai
Ho Lai

Get Your TV Antenna Before June 1st

Contact James today to book your preferred time and day. 

I will personally install your new TV antenna and set it up for the best TV signal in Ellenbrook. 

Act quickly as bookings will fill up as we get closer to the June 1st deadline.

Remember, this will affect you regardless of whether you are a Telstra customer or not. Find out more on the Telstra website.

Beware of the dodgy operators and choose James from Pro TV Perth.

For a quality TV antenna installed at a great price, please get in contact.

Watching TV with a clear signal

Get the best TV signal Perth has to offer!

top notch antennas, professionally fitted at the right price.

FAQ’s about TV Antenna installations

If you still have questions about the need for or intallation of a new TV antenna, please get in touch.

If you’re picking up TV reception from the main transmitter at Kalamunda/Bickley, then you will be using the Fracarro Log or the Hills Black Arrow antenna.

If you are picking up from a relay transmitters like Two Rocks, Scarborough or the CBD, then the UHF antenna will be required.

Hills and Odrok antennas are both Australian companies. Fraccarro is Italian and is a global leader in the TV reception industry.

Typically most jobs are done within 3 working days and a Monday-Saturday service is available. Some antenna installations can be affected by weather conditions, if you have a metal roof and it’s raining all week then your job could be rescheduled to suit.

Yes, we offer pensioners a 10% discount on TV antennas and TV wall mounts or installations.

Yes, I carry an eftpos machine.

Once I know your location I can then advise and install for best. It will come down to the signal strength at your rooftop and the number of TV outlets within the home, the ideal signal strength at each TV within the house is 55db-75db.

Yes, all Pro TV jobs come with a 5 year warranty as standard, Some Hills antennas are 10 year and amplifiers have a 2 year warranty.

Pro TV only supply and instal quality high gain antennas. High gain antennas will always give you more signal at the rooftop versus medium gain type models.

If you live in the Scarborough coast area or Perth City and surrounds or even Two Rocks then you may need an UHF antenna. These relay transmitters operate on different frequencies than the main VHF transmitter located in Kalamunda/Bickley. Relay transmitters fill in the gaps where the main transmitter may not cover that well which is often down to the local terrain. If in doubt, just ask and I can confirm or advise for best once I am at the house and have carried out rooftop testing.

The antenna, standard antenna mast for new build houses, roof cable, splitter, testing, 1 hour labour plus GST.

TV boosters, also known as known amplifiers or pre-amps will boost the incoming signal from your roof top, these are sometimes used when the incoming signal is not strong enough to deliver the required minimum signal to the TV points within the house.
Some 2 story properties that may have steep roofs or poor ladder access may take longer to install, other examples would be houses that need or have existing tall masts/poles in place, properties that may need boosters or have further additional faults within house would be classed as non standard.

Standard TV points are installed from $150.00, this applies to single story properties with good roof access and the point in the cavity wall. Additional costs may apply if your property is a double story house or in split levels and or with poor roof access.

TV points can sometimes be discounted if completed in multiples or with another job on the same visit.

Service calls are charged out at $99.00 plus any parts used for minor repairs and checks for bad TV reception, if an antenna upgrade is required then you just pay for this as the general service and standard labour is included in the antenna price.
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